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Year 16, Week 18, Day One (week 754)

Year 16, Week 18, Day One (week 754)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
05-23-15 Saturday
    85 degrees early morning, 90 late morning 92 degrees late afternoon. Mostly blue sky, fading into a giant herd of sheep heading to the west. The breeze helped keep the temperatures feeling at an acceptable level. This weather report is brought to you by the city of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
    I went to the Gold Coast Woodturner’s club meeting. The demonstration was on finishing. Specifically, the demonstration was on how to apply an CA (Super glue) Glue finish.
    He sanded his work to 600 grit, and then mounted the piece in the lathe and spun it at about 500 rpm (my big lathe’s slowest speed is 1000 rpm so I doubt I will try this..
    He first added a coat of oil (tung, linseed, walnut, etc) to bring out the nature of the wood and let it spun under the cloth until dry. He then added several coats of shellac (the commercial liquid) cut 2/3rds with denatured alcohol. He sanded with steel wool between coats.
    He then started the process for the CA glue. He sprayed the accelerator onto a cloth (paper towel) and wiped it on the work. He then applied a small amount of CA glue in a cloth and wipe it across the work quickly. Don’t stop, don’t go over it again. Wait about 90 seconds (timed), and then add the second coat. After the third time, sand lightly (600 to 1000 grit sandpaper).
    Repeat the CA again, including the wipe with accelerator before adding the next layers of CA, with sanding so you have six layers, then do another three without the sanding (for a total of nine).
    He used MEGUIAR’s CLEAR PLASTIC CLEANER to the surface to create a glass like finish.
    The demonstrator said that he chose this method for finishing as it takes less total time (about 45 minutes with all his talking) than other methods he tried. He said it is not good for natural ended pieces where there are spaces between parts of the work which can slap your fingers hard as you are wiping the cloth on it.
    We hit several yard sales again. Mom is searching for some items to give as a gift. I am along for the ride. I have found that there is a slight edge of anticipation of finding something special as you go.
    Some friends had a yard sale and they said they started early morning and were still bringing things out. I found a angle guide that works with my band saw. It slips into a slot in the bandsaw table and one can set an angle and push the worth through the blade. I really did not need it, but it seemed to be something to buy.
    There were a couple yard sales close together, one we had seen advertized in the local circular.
    With one, they had a meat grinder. I gave it a long thought and decided that the two I have is more than enough. The husband mentioned he has no use for it as he just gets his hamburger at the store. I mentioned that ground pork costs more than ground beef. He said “I never thought of that.” I have no idea if he will ever use it, but it was fun planting the thought in his mind.
    Another yard sale, the one advertized, had sets of nearly similar decorations in four different colors. This was in the wealthy section so she much change her color scheme periodically. I picked up a kitchen timer and a basket that looks like a deer. I had a timer like the one I bought, but it stopped working. When I first saw the basket, my thought was dragon. Then I realized that it was a deer. 


 deer basket
 kitchen timer

   I picked up another peculator coffee pot along the way as I have use for the cord. In testing, it turned out to be a pretty good coffee pot.

peculator coffee maker. I love these and have many things that can use the cords.

    When we got home, we sat and talked and rested for a long period of time.
    I went outside, petting the cat, cut a piece of Sea Grape wood, and split it until it was square. It was nearly twice the size I needed but I got something done.
    I took the rest of the day off, watching television and talking.
    I hope to do some work tomorrow. I have several projects I can work on. I just have to decide which it might be.

Year 16, Week 18, Day Two (week 754)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
05-24-15 Saturday
    I reduced the size of the piece of Sea Grape I worked on yesterday. It is to be a replacement post for a food processor. I made one before, but decided since I have two of those food processors, I should make a second one, and see if I can do it better.
    I knew I should split more wood off the stick, but I did not want to go too far, so I decided to use the disk sander and just square it up and bring it down to size just with the sanding disk. The trick on this is to make one surface straight and flat. You then square the sides on that one surface, then use both sides to get the top square. Since I was reducing the size, I kept rotating the piece and flipping it to make it square and straight.


Drive post for the food processor in upside down accessory holder. I got the square to fit perfectly. Now to get the round part round.

    I stopped for a break and dug out my half finished teddy bears. I sewed a nose on the one I had already partially stuffed and ran the line that creates the neck, and then partially stuffed the other two teddy bears I had made. I rearranged stuff in a couple project baggies, I put the teddy bear stuff away when a puff of stuffing blew off the table twice.
    I went back to the food processor post and started sanding again. I got it down to where it was extremely close. I double checked the square from end to end and kept measuring by trying to fit the post into the accessory. It took a little time but I got it where both ends slid in.
    I then packed up everything and was about to start a new project when Mom asked if we wanted to go out to eat. That ended the day.
    I have tomorrow off from work. I have a bunch of little projects to do around the house. I doubt I will write anything about tomorrow.
    It looks like Mom might have something planned for me next weekend that will prevent much at all being done, so I will have to see what actually happens.

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