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Year 16, Week 22, Day One (week 757)

Year 16, Week 22, Day One (week 757)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
06-20-15 Saturday
80 degrees early morning, the sky filled evenly with dark bottom puffs that were more like disks than anything. The puffs raced to the west and disappeared. A tower a distance away over the ocean decided to have a race with the sun, to see how fast it could build while the sun rose. It started spreading the anvil to the west over us. A bit later, I looked at the tower was gone but high pebbles were over us. They later disappeared leaving the sun shining most of the day with clouds to the north, west and east. Temps rose to 96 degrees and stayed there. The humidity was thicker in the morning than in the afternoon.  This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism. 

I had DSL installed in my place. In the process, I completely disassembled my kitchen, moving shelving and stuff out of the way for the workman. I then looked to see what stuff needed to go back into the kitchen. A whole lot of what I had was containers. I decided that they are low priority so they were kept out. Other things are not in the way at the moment so they stayed out. I suddenly had several empty shelves. I decided to move stuff off the counter and suddenly my kitchen developed the feeling that it was empty. I did not have room to put some things where I wanted.. The knifes in their holders are too tall to go onto the shelving. The important tools are where I can get them. The rest can be relocated later. Some of the stuff not in the kitchen now, will either be gifted, yard sailed, or donated. A project like this is great in showing what you are not using.
I figured out that I really only need three cooking knives. A chef’s knife, a fillet knife and a bread knife. If I was cooking for more than myself, or changed my diet, or started entertaining, the other knives would be needed. But not right now.
With my new DSL access to the internet (I’ve been using dial-up before this), I can download viruses in a twinkling of an eye.... I also used to write my notes while pages loaded. Now the pages don’t give me that much time....

The weather report said it would be a good day and we saw nothing to give us a clue otherwise. We went out yard sailing after breakfast. There were quite a few, but not as many as we hoped. 
One of the first yard sales we stopped at, the couple were moving to South Carolina to an already furnished apartment They mainly wanted to sell enough to get gas money for the trip up there on Sunday. Their big problem with us was that we could not use what they had, such as some nice furniture. All too big. Mom found some fishing reals and I picked them up. If even two were good, the find was excellent for the price. The couple was a step closer to having enough for their trip.
We visited another couple that said they would have more stuff tomorrow but were too harried to get the stuff out to display. She said she was working two jobs and did not have to gather the stuff. Mom picked up a four-prong cane. The spacing of the prongs are important. The farther apart they are, the more stable the cane is. The closer they are together, the more maneuverable they are. We have found that the wide spaced prongs are all that are available, and they are real “clunky” they catch on everything and hard to maneuver. The spacing on this one was fairly close to the cane I am using. Mom wants to have one available in case she or dad needs it.
We hit a couple yard sales where multiple people were selling together. Those are always nice. It was frustrating that they didn’t have anything of real interest. I did catch myself looking at cook books at one, I had a couple of their books already, and at another, we were talking about stuffed animals. 
Mom did get a few art and music books from a family who were into Harley Motorcycle stuff. There were two good quality acoustic guitars. I cannot play one and don’t want to take the time and effort to learn. I also don’t know who to pass one on to, so I left there without getting anything.  I have a friend who is in Harley stuff but I did not have his number on me and doubted he was buying now. Those jackets and vest were great to look at, though.
As we were getting into the car at one yard sale, a thunder tower over the ocean  It had wisps, grays, lights, shiny and dark. Mom and I discussed how to paint it. I decided that the only way to really do it justice was to paint on glass o the light would pass through it like the real thing.
Interesting cloud. It looks sort of like a bird with the head to the lower left and the open wing  

As hot as it was, we were drained when we finally got home. Nap time.
Thursday Morning, my cell phone decided to shut off. I tried charging it with the car charger and there was nothing. I ended up pulling stuff out of the wheeled basket to get to the emergency charger. I got the same results with that one. I ended up cleaning the contacts on the battery and had to work the plug in the phone to get the phone to charge a little. I tried off an on during Thursday and Friday and finally got it to charge. All the contacts decided to get really dirty from my guess.
Anyway, I had to re-pack everything in the basket, as it was filling the whole space. I keep being surprised at how a whole two thirds of the basket space is taken by yarn. I have to remember not to add more yarn to the basket “just in case”, but to use what I have.
I am not as heat tolerant this year as I have tended to be most years. The heat sapped the energy out of me when we were running around and the thought of going back out into the heat to do anything was a bit more than I cared to deal with.
My plans for tomorrow is sort of up in the air. I have some work to do around the house before I go out. Plans with Mom changes fast. 
I will see what I actually do tomorrow.
Year 16, Week 22, Day One (week 757)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
06-21-15 Sunday
80 degrees early morning, 95 in the afternoon. Puffs racing by quickly to the west and leaving blue sky behind them later. Later in the day, towers built a couple places to the East over the oceans and to the West over the Everglades. Sunny nearly all day long. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.
It was hot, I needed to get something for Father’s Day and needed a few things. I decided to go for a walk at the local Walmart. I got a cart and followed behind it around the store. For half the store while going around the parameter, I would look down the isles and see that there wasn’t anything I needed. I went down all the isles in the fishing and camping section, skipped to the toy section and saw what was popular today, then went through all the isles of the sewing, crafting and yarn sections. The threads and yarns look best in the display where their colors are playing off each other. There are some nice fabrics but nothing I could use. They didn’t have the right buttons for teddy bear eyes. 
I skipped a bunch of sections, including the electronics and entertainment, and then went into the stationary isles. I can see why it is called stationary. It is hard to keep going when one can think of ways to make use of just about everything. One gets lost in possibilities. I got some stuff for Dad there. In the card sections, there are some great cards, but only a couple were appropriate. I found one that fitted him well. 
I skipped over to housewares and then into the food sections. I loaded up on “no no” foods. These are foods you are told “No no, you cannot have them.” Something was for Dad. 
I had parked a ways away from the store to get an easy parking place since this is a small parking lot. I had walked a lot in the air-conditioned store and then in the parking lot, and was wore out. I need to walk like this several times a week. 
I got to Mom’s and unloaded the truck, which took several trips and then settled down at the TV, not wanting to get up for a while. A while later, we gave Dad his gifts and then we went out for Lunch. 
When we got back from lunch, I decided I had stuff to do at home and left.
I am going for Knee surgery tomorrow. This is out-patient surgery where they are removing the plate and screws from my knee, that they added after the accident to repair my leg. What I don’t like is that I have no clue on how I am going to respond to the surgery. Also, it will be a while before I can drive again. I am making alternate plans to alternate plans just to handle how I will react and recover and still be able somehow get to work as soon as possible. 
I have no clue if I will even have a chance to get to do any work next weekend.
I will see what happens this week. 

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