Monday, January 23, 2017

Year 17, Week 02, Day One (week 888)

Year 17, Week 02, Day One (week 888)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
01-21-17 Saturday

68 early morning, 81 late after noon. Blue skies most of the day. A herd of puffs lined up over the edge of the Everglades and then disappeared later in the day. The brisk wind blew things all over the place. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.


I went to the Turning club meeting ( ). They had someone with the Woodworking club 
( ) to show how to make segmented containers, where you cut up pieces of wood and put them into stacked rings for various effects into a vase or bowl. With this process, you don’t need big chunks of wood for an even large vessel. One can interchange different kinds of woods and, with planning, create intricate designs in the process. Most of the work is in the glue-up, leaving just a little more wood beyond the final surfaces to allow for removing corners and irregularities. The turning is mainly just evening out the surfaces and coming to the final finish. 
Part of his demonstration was showing the sled he uses to cut the pieces in six, eight, or twelve sided rings for circles. Many wood workers have to glue the rings in two parts, then adjust the final mating surfaces to meet flat. He said that if you get the sled set exactly, one can glue up the whole ring at one time. He added a pointer to his sled to show the exact point that he needs to set it for each sided piece. This type of project leaves me out as I cannot cut straight even if you set it up so I just push the wood through the blade. 

I brought two boxes of carving and scroll saw magazines and a rack (I am told it was from an auto parts store when they went to computer rather than catalogues) filled with carving and scroll saw patterns my dad collected. I had hoped the woodworker guy would be interested, but he said they all now go on line instead. I did find one guy in the club that was interested and I used my hand cart to take it out to his truck. If no one wanted them, I would have kept them. Just finding a place for them would have been a challenge. I would have definitely kept the patterns, but it is better to pass them on to someone who might actually use them. 


I visited a three yard sales early morning. There were a few interesting things, but nothing I had to have. The most interesting things is stuff I better not buy such as cook books....  I saw three signs, one I could not find, and the other two I was in too big a hurry to stop at. I only did a portion of the northern loop of my circuit.

A friend of mine had a sectional couch he needed to get rid of as he had new furniture coming in. He either was to give it away or set it out for the bulk pickup garbage truck to get it. I found someone who would make use of it. I had a truck so I went to get it.
My friend is in worse condition than I am, but he had a good healthy son who was an electrician. My friend did a lot of remodeling of his house and showed me what he did. 
His doors were narrow so each piece of the couch had to be maneuvered by two people. I held one end and his son held the other. None of them were really heavy, but they were bulky. We considered having to take them in trips, but figured out how to stack them so it could be handled by one trip. I tied the load in place, figuring on front to back movement since the tail gate had to be down.  After I left, but before I hit the turnpike to go home, the thought crossed my mind to check the load, but the thought left me in a second. 

As I had to take the turnpike, I was pulling into the toll booth plaza when a woman said I lost a section “back there.” There was almost no traffic, so I drove back to the section, which was destroyed, and put it back in the truck. It was then that I realized I should have also considered up and down movements of the load. Apparently, the section rose up on the ropes and fell out. I had no further problems getting home. 
Unloading the couch sections was easy. I literally dropped them onto the handcart, and pulled the handcart to the door of the house, which was wider than my friend’s door. The handcart wheels did not want to rise up the step-down of the house when I tried to pull it up, so I just slid the pieces down the handle of the  handcart and dragged them on the carpet. I got them in with little effort. I did get someone to handle the middle curved section which was just too bulky for one person. 

A bit later, I removed parts and pieces from the broken section. The back padding was made up of two attached pillows. Those were cut off. One has to be sewn but the other is usable as it is. Some of the fabric was recoverable and they might become arm covers to improve the look. I took off some good wood. I think the woods were oak for the base that the legs were stuck into, plywood for the sides to hold the shape, maple for the cross members. There might have been one or two other woods in it. I am not a wood expert.  
There were lots of staples and tack strips. After getting the main pieces, the remains of the hulk, which was about half the piece, sat to be taken out for the garbage. All the wood will have to be cleaned of staples but they can be used for some project, (like I need more wood....)
The rest of the couch looks great. The damaged section is not missed as there really was not enough room for it. 

Having done enough work, I took things easy 

I will see what I do tomorrow.

Year 17, Week 02, Day Two (week 888)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
01-22-17 Saturday

69 degrees early morning, 85 in the afternoon. Really brisk wind with stronger gusts. Loads of puffs overhead that stopped at the beach and went no farther. A front is coming this afternoon seeding the weather we are getting. This weather report is brought to you by The City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

I helped rearrange the furniture in the house. There was a bar and buffet that were not where they were needed to be for the couch. The buffet, which is smaller, was easy to move. It was only after I moved it into position that I realized that a carpeted board that filled in the space beneath the buffet was removable. I simply lifted on the handcart on the end and it slipped out from beneath the buffet so it could be placed properly. It would have been nice to know that first off. I thought it was nailed to the bottom of the piece. 
I had help for the bar. It took some effort to remove the filler but once it was out, the maker of the bar had put small wheels under it so it was easy to move. It did take some lugging and cutting some wires that were connected to the wall. It appears to have an outlet and a switch to something, possibly a light they had elsewhere. I did not have time to figure out what that was.
We then tried a few more arrangements of the couch sectionals. What we came up with was better, but might be done better later. Will have to see how it looks and feels. 

A bit later, we finished disassembling the damaged section. The fabric back had came off with what looked like a long line of brads. Examining it, I found there was a metal plate with tongs punched and bent down beneath the seam. They came out easily. Along another edge was cardboard with staples stuck into it beneath the seam. They also came out easily. I have ideas for the metal strips. I got a couple more pieces of wood, but one nice looking piece was so well attached that I decided it was not worth getting out. All that was left went into the garbage. I would say we did well on our salvage. 

I decided I over-did it the past two days and took the rest of the day off.  A good weekend is one where you go to work to recover (that is what I tell the guys who do construction work anyway).

The weather looks like it might be fairly good next weekend. I need to finish emptying the shed and see the condition of the shelving and get the thing completely clean, then start re-packing it in an “intelligent” arrangement. 
I would also like to make some sawdust. I need to finish the platters I started last year, and make some more. I have lots of wonderful wood that demands to be made into sawdust. 

I will see what I accomplish next weekend. 


One view of the construction of the destroyed section

Another view of the destroyed section

the remaining good sections

Year 17, Week 01, Day One (week 887)

Year 17, Week 01, Day One (week 887)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
01-14-17 Saturday

67 degrees early morning, 78 degrees afternoon, Mostly cloudy with a few hints of sun, mostly with a string of morse code clouds that need potty training, coming in with dots and dashes of misting, enough to mess up outside activities in this part of the county, and ignoring the southern part. This weather report is brought to you by The City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.

Back in the late 90s, My dad had learned carving and was traveling the country, usually going to the WAR EAGLE fair grounds where they had a yearly carving and wood working symposium. My dad would take classes from the masters and developed his skills. 
In the late 90s, Dad kept asking me to start carving with him, and I had no interest in carving, I had other activities going at the time. I was writing stories, building stuff for model railroads and otherwise wasting time.
Dad would come inside, spend about fifteen minutes to half an hour sitting near me to rest and cool down, then go back outside. That was about all I saw of him during my visits to mom’s house.
The week leading to January 17, It dawned on me that my Dad was in his 80s, and I realized I did not want that “I wish I had said, I wish I had done” feeling when he finally passed. On January 17, I borrowed one of his knives, picked up a piece of wood, and started carving. 
Up to this time, I never looked at his carvings. When Dad started carving, he had difficulty removing the corners of the block of wood he started carving on. It was almost a surface carving on all sides of the blocks. I was going more of what mom said about his early carvings than what I actually saw. 
I made a conscious effort to dig into the wood deep with my first carvings.  On my first carving, I tried to have a hat that had a brim going all the way around, but it kept breaking on me. When I finally finished, I had a ball cap on an angle. I gave the guy a really big nose and then more surface carved the body as I did not have rook to do more. I sort of call him Charles De Gaul, the French leader near that time. My next two carvings were from flat boards so there was a limit of “movement” in the shape that I could do. 
My dad did a popular style of carving where the figures were basically standing straight up and down. I also wanted to get away from that. I wanted my carvings to look like it was doing something, in motion. 
In making my fourth carving, I knelt down and put myself in the position I wanted the character to be in and looked how my limbs would fit together.  Other than not getting forearms correct, it ended up being a good carving. In that one I also learned I disliked sanding. 
I kid people by saying that my dad taught me to carve by patting me on the head and saying “do another one.” Much of what I learned by carving was on my own, trying to avoid the “mistakes” he made. He taught me how to make my own knives, and got me into an art show to get tool money to improve my capability of wood working. He also gave me a place to work. 
In July 2003, I started “messing” with wood turning. Mom got me a lathe made of sheet metal in October and have continued wood turning since, getting a better lathe along the way, I swapped between carving and wood turning projects, working on whatever caught my interest at the moment. 
I continued my wood working after my Dad’s passing. It was near the end of his life that I actually saw my dad’s skills. He worked in clay along with in wood. He made some plaques of my brother’s kid’s faces when they were just past toddler stage, that are instantly recognizable. His carvings turned out to be of an extremely high quality, that I never noticed before. I was always looking at the style and trying to do something different. With my wood carving, I am lucky that a female figure looks female. His characters had detailed expressions. 
Continuing with my carving and turning, I used it an excuse to also be with my mom on weekends. When my mom remarried it became an excuse to be with both of them. It has been a fulfilling hobby and continues to be so.


I needed to drive my new dad to a meeting during the mid morning to early afternoon. The weather was not spectacular for doing anything serious. The shed still has some stuff in it that needs to come out and I didn’t want to get that stuff weathered on so not much happened.
Mom needed a little shelving for small containers in her kitchen. We went to Lowes and found some material that would work. I helped her cut the boards and get them even (can’t cut straight to save the universe) using the disk sander. I took a nap and heard drilling and pounding. Later in the afternoon, I looked and mom had done a very nice job of putting together the shelving. It was made to just fit in the space available. It was also full of light containers. It cleared some of her counter space which was nice. The biggest problem was that her description of what she was doing, was not what she made. Based on her description, I was thinking of ways to improve the design. The results she did was excellent.

There are bins that go across the back of trucks to hold tools. I have one that is filled with mostly Mahogany chunks. I cleared the stuff on top of the lid, good flat area to hold stuff out of the dirt, and opened it. I only pulled out a few pieces of wood, but was able to see that the bugs were not having fun inside the bin. The smell of Camphor poured out of the box. I have several pieces in there and apparently, the Camphor drove the wood eating bugs away. There were, though a lot of broken and whole shells of lizards in the bottom of the box. I left  them alone. 

I took it easy the rest of the day until it was time to leave. 

I have no idea what the weather will be like tomorrow. I do not know if I will accomplish anything more than I did today.

Year 17, Week 01, Day Two (week 887)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
01-15-17 Sunday

66 degrees early morning 77 in the afternoon. That string of clouds that need potty training moved south a bit. Once or twice one wandered north, but most were nice. The sun was behind clouds most of the day but there was some sunshine in the afternoon. 

I want to empty the rest of the shed and check the condition of the shelves, clean the floor really good and then start putting things back in. I walked into the shed and looked around. That looked like a lot of work so I said “NO”. And closed the doors again. 

I did decide to get some wood that was out in the weather in where it was safer and not in our way. I am always surprised at how much wood I have. I have two mounded garbage cans full, a heaping storage bin full of wood pieces. The lock bin I mentioned yesterday is likely a good sized storage bin full of wood also. I then have loads of sticks and big chunks, along with boards. 
As I have said before, if one chooses a project, then looks for the materials to make it, one does not have any wood to work with. If one, on the other hand, look at the materials on hand and choose the project to make, one has a life-time supply. If I worked 8 hours a day, five days a week, using just the material I have on hand, it would take a few years to use it up. 
Some pieces of wood are so good I don’t have a project worthy of the wood.  Others are kept simply because I might need them for something, even if it is waste wood used to hold something better on the lathe. 

Several weeks back, I rebuilt the base for the lathe and cleaned the surfaces of the lathe bed where the parts slide on. I could not find the cover at the time, so spray from the liquid sunshine, and humidity, has caused the end of the lathe bed to develop a light rust coat. In emptying the shed, I found the cover. I still have to clean the surface again, but now I don’t think it will get much worse.

The past winters have been wetter than normal. Usually at this time, they are talking about conserving water already.  This winter, like the past few, have been very wet. It is great for the plants. It is great to keep the water rationing people quiet. It is not great for outside work. A lot of my woodworking has to be planned around the chances of weather. Dry weather tends to breed production as one can get out and work without having to check the sky every few minutes. 

I am hoping to actually make some sawdust next week. I also would like to finish cleaning the shed and then start loading it up again. I also have a wood turning club meeting Thursday. I have nothing to show for the past couple months.

I will see what I actually do next weekend.


A bunch of my collected sticks with other stuff

a big load of pieces and chunks to work with

some larger chunks on my lathe bed

My first four carvings I ever did. On the Right is number one. On the left is number 4. The sailor is made from a cedar board. 

Another view of the first four carving, especially showing the full shape of number 4 carving

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Year 16, Week 52, Day One (week 886)

Year 16, Week 52, Day One (week 886)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
01-06-17 Saturday

Morning sky full of feathers. Some thunder flashes over the ocean from an escaping front. Nice breeze, sunny until about two, when another front shot by with a solid shock wave. The plants then received a gentle watering after the initial guzzle. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.

My main project was to empty the shed. It has accumulated a lot of stuff since it was last cleaned out,  and then was filled to the rim when Hurricane Matthew came nearby. It was time to find out what was in there. This was a project that needed to be done in two weekends, and I really needed to get it done in one. 
What I needed to do this job right, was a little wheelbarrow we have. It was a children’s wheel barrow and the plastic of the box started breaking apart, so I rebuilt it using plywood. It looked horrible while I was building it but when done, it turned out to be nice. Better, let us say useful would be more accurate. It does not look professional at all... That wheel barrow was hidden, as I found out later, with stuff piled in front of it from when we hid everything for the storm. I had also already piled other things from the shed in front of it. I chose a hand cart instead and laid it down with a board a board placed down the middle so small stuff would not fall through. 
It was interesting to find stuff that I did not know we had, and that I only remembered that I had it, when I actually saw it. Periodically I would check the radar and measure how far the storm would move in the hour (the amount of time they showed for the animation, and then measure how long it would take to get here. At about one, I put the stuff that would get damaged by water, under cover.

I headed to Home Depot to pick up a part for the kitchen. I was at the store when the roof started roaring. A shock wave passed over us, heading east. I was west of mom’s. 
They did not have the part I was after. The girl I talked to never even heard of it. By the time I got to the door with a purchase, it was a light shower, getting lighter. 
Later in the evening, I stopped at Sears and then Lowes for the part. One can only get it on-line from Lowes. 

Year 16, Week 52, Day One (week 886)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
01-07-17 Sunday

The evening predicted 58 degrees. The morning temp was 48 degrees, well below the 56 degree frost temperatures here in South Florida. Strong breezes all day long, blue sky except some clouds to the east. It warmed into the mid 70s in the afternoon. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism. 

It was cold this morning. I took a short cut using the frozen canals I did have to detour around the end of the great glacier starting from the highest natural point in this county, 29 feet above sea level. It has a ways to go to get to the ocean. It never reached the ocean in my life time. Normally, the “Parrot Heads” the people frequenting the bars on the beach, chip so much ice off the end for their drinks that it is stopped. It was not that close to the beach this time, though, just far enough to mess up traffic.

I returned to emptying the shed today. My main concentration was to remove everything that was wood. The bugs loved some types of wood, while ignored others entirely. A lot of wood went into the garbage. Some of it was once something I had a plan for, but now have decided that they are not worth keeping. I found some choice pieces of wood that I wished I had known they where there at different times. Storing raw materials is nice, but if you cannot get to them without a lot of work, they do not exist for you. If you don’t know they are there, you don’t have any either.
There was wood in place since before my dad died many years ago. There are some non wood things in the shed that needs to come out, be examined, and possibly be packed differently, but not today. As I suspected, I have more wood that I can possibly use. 
Much of what I have are small pieces that you can hold in your hand. Some pieces are really nice and big. I really need to do some sorting and classifying the material, getting them into a way where I can find and grab the wood I need if I need it. Getting the wood out of the shed is the easy part. Getting everything back in where I have access to everything is something else.

I will see what I do next weekend.


This is what the shed looked like when I started the cleaning project

this is what the shed looked like before I put some stuff in to keep them out of the weather during the week.

Year 16, Week 51, Day One (week 885)

Year 16, Week 51, Day One (week 885)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
12-31-16 Saturday

54 degrees early morning high 70s in the afternoon Partly sunny, a continuous herd of clouds meandering across the sky. Last night, the report showed it was 59 and predicted 58. I knew it was going to get colder. Being well below the 56 degree frost temperature of this subtropical area, everything covered in frost was gorgeous, especially the palm trees. I was so enthralled with the view that I forgot to take a picture to share the beauty. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism. . 

I spent the day sorting stuff and putting stuff away. It is interesting how what starts as a two minute project ends up taking a most of the day. I am looking for like five things, and the best way to find them is to dig through stuff, sort, wash, put away properly (so I can never find them again when I need them). 
Between all of that, I also took a nap and rested a lot. Surprising how days disappear.

 Year 16, Week 51, Day Two (week 885)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
01-01-17 Sunday

High 60s before dark, near 80 late in the afternoon, some showers before dark but scattered herds of clouds with some sun. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism. 

At moms, I helped with a project that took longer than expected. Had a friend who used to flip houses to come over next door and look at the design of the house. Most of what she suggested sounds good. The only chance I would not do is replacing the vanity in the master bathroom with a pedestal sink. I am the kind of person who never has enough storage. I have no idea what the owner will do, but most of the ideas sound interesting. 

I did some quick projects before calling the end of the day. 

 Year 16, Week 51, Day Three (week 885)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
01-02-17 Monday

Low 70s early morning, 81 afternoon. Mostly sunny, herds of puffs, many are wispy enough that the sun pierces right through them. A nice breeze took away any heat with gusts that cause bags to fly around and mess hair. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.

Did some running around with my brother. He was doing a favor of trying to unstop a plumbing system. His snakes used to clean out the plumbing was either too short or too big. Today we rented one at the hardware store. Even then it was too short. On a lark, he decided to run it from the clean-out into the house. Usually this does not work. Sanitary plumbing us Y fittings where two pipes meet. A T would cause backups, while a Y fitting allows both lines to drain easily. When a Y is found, the snake will inevitably go the wrong way. He ran the snake into the clean out, which is a fitting outside the house, and found a corner it refused to go around. He kept trying, then suddenly liquid started flowing. It turned out that there was a blob of grease in the way. That drain might not have a problem for decades now. Then again, it might be only part of the problem. It is the best he can do now. If it gets worse, the owner will have to hire a plumber. 

When we went back, to the box hardware store, we decided to pick up a few things we need. That ended up taking some time. One large item had to be taken down from a high shelf. It was not going to be done with the guy helping us.

I had four or five things planned to be done this weekend, and I have accomplished half of one.....

One project I really wanted to work on was to empty the shed and sort through the stuff. I am sure I can toss a number of items. I really needed to start that early morning and work on it all day. I never got near the shed today. 

I also intended to do a quick lathe project. Never touched the lathe. 

I will see what I do next weekend. 


Monday, January 2, 2017

Year 16, Week 49, Day One (week 884)

Year 16, Week 49, Day One (week 884)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
12-23-16 Friday

80 degrees, light breeze, lots of puffs with some sun. Plants got watered very early morning. This weather report is brought to you by the City of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

On Monday, I finished painting my second batch of Christmas cards. My first batch was only six cards as  I was testing the idea of design and did not add a background to them. My second batch was 25 cards and came out fairly well. I handed out most of the second batch by Wednesday.

On Tuesday, I ordered a grill to be assembled for my pick up on Thursday. On Thursday, I went to Home Depot and the grill was not completed on the assembly. They told me it would be about an hour. I walked every single isle of Home depot except about four that were closed because they were loading shelves. I have some wonderful ideas for projects and have some ideas on to prices on some dream purchases. I arrived at the pickup desk after an hour and the grill was not ready. They said they would deliver tomorrow for free.  I went home and laid down to recover from being on my feet that entire time.

We are having Bar-B-Q style Christmas dinner up by Mom’s house on Sunday so I spent my time moving things around. Many things had to be found, other things had to be put away or hidden.
I started painting my third batch of Christmas cards, along with fixing my first batch of cards. With the first batch, I added color and tone to the background. On some I had the green of the Christmas tree on some so I added the lights to them. 
One card was painted on the wrong side of the card. I had laid it flat like a big card and then found the error after I had started, so today I added a wreath. My brother will get that card, likely with a quip about making his card backwards.
Painting the third batch came out well. I have to letter them so I can pass them out.

We open our presents tomorrow early so I have to settle down and concentrate on lettering the cards and wrapping presents.

Year 16, Week 49, Day Two (week 884)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
12-24-16 Saturday

81 degrees Early morning showers, dry after that. Puffs of clouds, nice breeze, lots of sun. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism. 

I did not even bother to see if there were yard sales. If there were any, it might be only one or two on our entire run. After breakfast, we immediately returned to Moms. Most people are getting ready for Christmas, shopping, or sleeping in.

I accomplished more clean up and preparation for tomorrow. I was able to get my presents wrapped and packed into the car. It is always fun (read challenge)  trying to keep track of who is getting what, and not forgetting anybody. Mainly, this year, I am giving some money as the actual gift, but giving them something to unwrap so they feel they got a gift. I found in the past that I don’t feel like I got a gift unless I unwrap something. Gift cards or money are nice, but that act of tearing wrapping paper apart is so satisfying. I also had to make sure I had some of the food we were going to have tonight. 
The cards I am giving out are ready, but not all the cards I made are. The cards were my main project this year.  I found that a number of people have kept every single card I had given them. One guy at work has seven years of them. I have a copy of every card I have made except the very first, which were Teddy Bears. I made only six of them and only have a very blurry picture of them. At that time, I had a teddy bear stamp and was going to stamp the card, but decided that painting the card would be easier than stamping them. I skipped a couple years and then started painting cards again and have done so nearly every year since. At a later time. I also had painted some hatching ducks for Easter that my boss bought off me years ago. Those are the only cards I don’t have copies of.

Tomorrow will be Christmas Dinner by Mom’s house.

Year 16, Week 49, Day Three (week 884)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
12-25-16 Sunday

81 degrees Showers in the dark of the morning, then puffs and sun with a light breeze the rest of the day. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism. 

The morning was spent getting things ready for the gathering. It is surprising how one thinks of things needed, at the last moment. Even after people arrived, I was digging stuff out. Everyone gathered and My nephew started up on the grill. Polish hot dogs, bratwurst, chicken on the grill. I brought out a cast iron pot and decided to boil water in it just so I could say it was used for something other than popcorn. He decided to make goat meat stew in the pot since the water was hot.  I played fetch for him, finding veggies and tools. 
Early in the month, I had picked up a set of grill tools. These were high quality. Well, I could not find them. I searched everywhere I thought they could possibly be. When we were putting things away, I found them. They were among my wood working tools. That, I think, was the only downside of the whole day. 
Inside, we also had all sorts of food. I got only little of that as I was not inside much.
While I sat for a while a couple times, I was busy helping and checking in on things. When the day started to wind down, I was wore out. 

Year 16, Week 49, Day Three (week 884)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
12-26-16 Monday

70 early morning, 80 degrees in the afternoon Puffs of clouds, nice breeze, lots of sun. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism. 

I spent most of the day recovering and cleaning up. Parties are a lot of work. I ended up with loads of leftovers to use up. That will be a challenge. Now I have to find out where lot of the stuff I hid away, ended up.

Back to work tomorrow

I have no idea what I will do next weekend. There was no woodworking this weekend. Next weekend might not be much better. 


repaired first batch of cards. the vertical card is actually on the back of the card.

A Christmas gift. this is a palm tree. the first four carvings I had ever done are on display.
The stick like figure beneath the start was the first.
The sailor and green man were second and third,
and the kneeling man was number four.
None were made using a pattern, just out of my demented head.....

My Christmas tree.
I have a copy of every ornament I had made since I started in 2001 hanging on it.