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Year 16, Week 52, Day One (week 886)

Year 16, Week 52, Day One (week 886)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
01-06-17 Saturday

Morning sky full of feathers. Some thunder flashes over the ocean from an escaping front. Nice breeze, sunny until about two, when another front shot by with a solid shock wave. The plants then received a gentle watering after the initial guzzle. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.

My main project was to empty the shed. It has accumulated a lot of stuff since it was last cleaned out,  and then was filled to the rim when Hurricane Matthew came nearby. It was time to find out what was in there. This was a project that needed to be done in two weekends, and I really needed to get it done in one. 
What I needed to do this job right, was a little wheelbarrow we have. It was a children’s wheel barrow and the plastic of the box started breaking apart, so I rebuilt it using plywood. It looked horrible while I was building it but when done, it turned out to be nice. Better, let us say useful would be more accurate. It does not look professional at all... That wheel barrow was hidden, as I found out later, with stuff piled in front of it from when we hid everything for the storm. I had also already piled other things from the shed in front of it. I chose a hand cart instead and laid it down with a board a board placed down the middle so small stuff would not fall through. 
It was interesting to find stuff that I did not know we had, and that I only remembered that I had it, when I actually saw it. Periodically I would check the radar and measure how far the storm would move in the hour (the amount of time they showed for the animation, and then measure how long it would take to get here. At about one, I put the stuff that would get damaged by water, under cover.

I headed to Home Depot to pick up a part for the kitchen. I was at the store when the roof started roaring. A shock wave passed over us, heading east. I was west of mom’s. 
They did not have the part I was after. The girl I talked to never even heard of it. By the time I got to the door with a purchase, it was a light shower, getting lighter. 
Later in the evening, I stopped at Sears and then Lowes for the part. One can only get it on-line from Lowes. 

Year 16, Week 52, Day One (week 886)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
01-07-17 Sunday

The evening predicted 58 degrees. The morning temp was 48 degrees, well below the 56 degree frost temperatures here in South Florida. Strong breezes all day long, blue sky except some clouds to the east. It warmed into the mid 70s in the afternoon. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism. 

It was cold this morning. I took a short cut using the frozen canals I did have to detour around the end of the great glacier starting from the highest natural point in this county, 29 feet above sea level. It has a ways to go to get to the ocean. It never reached the ocean in my life time. Normally, the “Parrot Heads” the people frequenting the bars on the beach, chip so much ice off the end for their drinks that it is stopped. It was not that close to the beach this time, though, just far enough to mess up traffic.

I returned to emptying the shed today. My main concentration was to remove everything that was wood. The bugs loved some types of wood, while ignored others entirely. A lot of wood went into the garbage. Some of it was once something I had a plan for, but now have decided that they are not worth keeping. I found some choice pieces of wood that I wished I had known they where there at different times. Storing raw materials is nice, but if you cannot get to them without a lot of work, they do not exist for you. If you don’t know they are there, you don’t have any either.
There was wood in place since before my dad died many years ago. There are some non wood things in the shed that needs to come out, be examined, and possibly be packed differently, but not today. As I suspected, I have more wood that I can possibly use. 
Much of what I have are small pieces that you can hold in your hand. Some pieces are really nice and big. I really need to do some sorting and classifying the material, getting them into a way where I can find and grab the wood I need if I need it. Getting the wood out of the shed is the easy part. Getting everything back in where I have access to everything is something else.

I will see what I do next weekend.


This is what the shed looked like when I started the cleaning project

this is what the shed looked like before I put some stuff in to keep them out of the weather during the week.

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