Monday, October 24, 2016

Year 16, Week 41, Day One (week 873)

Year 16, Week 41, Day One (week 873)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
10-22-16 Saturday

62 degrees early morning, before dawn, 72 at about ten, The temps stretched out a hand while leaning just to make 80 degrees at three. Blue skies all day long. Our blue skies are not the deep rich blue of up north in the cold climates. We get a lot of dust from Africa and it makes it a little more of a rich milk-paint blue. A good breeze made it nice to work. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach department of Tourism.

The wood turning club meeting was this week. I usually go directly home from work, get some stuff done and then head to the club meeting. I had to make a couple stops and when I got home, I put some stuff away and sat down at the computer. When I next looked at the clock, I realized there was no way I could get ready and go to the club in time. I missed one.

Traffic is already getting thicker and the main Snow-Birds have not arrived yet.

I suspected there would be a number of yard sales. After breakfast, I headed out alone. There was nothing in the first three segments I drove through on my route. I then found a whole lot of yard sales as I headed south. A couple of the southern segments were also empty. I stopped at two stores en route to get things I needed. When I arrived near home, there was a yard sale that was not out when I started my trek. In total, I visited 12 yard sales and drove past one that always has them and never has anything I could use.. 

I picked up another doll. I liked the dress and the face. I have a friend who gushes when I’ve shown her pictures of the couple other dolls I found. I gave this one to her later in the day. I got a good hug. Well worth it to say the least. 

I found a shop dust pan. The one I’ve been using has seen better days. The handle is good but the plastic bin of my old one is missing pieces and does not have too much time to live.  The thought crossed my mind to make something like it in another material. 

I picked up two books I really don’t need. One is setting up a hydroponic garden and the other is mixing oil paints.  I found a turntable that plugs into your computer to copy vinyl music. Electronics are dangerous to get as mny times they just don’t work. A l;ot of times the low price shows that it might not be usable, Other times they are just trying to get rid of it.

I picked up a router bit. It might need the edge touched up, but for rough work, it just might be fine, especially if I use it in the wrong equipment. 

What I consider is my big find is a stack of dowels, rods and bamboo stakes. I was thinking about making dangling ornaments and these rods will save me a lot of work.

The radio we use out back is on its last legs, being possibly a decade or two of  being out in the humidity and heat beneath the awning all that time. I picked up another radio, for a dollar,  untested, and it works great.  I set it on my metal table and could hear it almost to the front of the house. 
There were a few other odds and ends I found that does not need to be mentioned.

I took a nap right after I got back home. You don’t realize how much work there is in yard sailing until you visit a large number of them. 

I gathered my ornament blanks and decided to finish up the three paint brush ornaments I cut out last weekend. It did not take long to make them look like brushes. I now have 9 of them. I need three more and that will finish them up. They just then need painting and varnishing to make them complete.

I grabbed the shortest of the dowels I found today and created it into a spiral ornament. I have a whole lot of work to do on it yet, If nothing else, I have to clean It up, but I want to go deeper with my grooves. If I go deep enough that they “daylight” I would not complain. I have several sizes of dowels so these will be different sized spiral-dangly ornaments, unless I find another use for them. There is a use for the bamboo stakes but I am not exactly sure how. 

Mom has not put up the awning yet, so nothing can be left outside. Everything has to be put away. That makes for a bit more work for each project. Also, because some equipment is not available, projects are limited to tools you have at hand. 

That ended my day. I rested until it was time to leave.

I will see what I accomplish tomorrow. 

Year 16, Week 41, Day two (week 873)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
10-23-16 Sunday

Blue skies, early morning. There were clouds way out over the ocean early on. By noon, the sky was populated with herds of wispy clouds rushing west at full speed. 

Last night, My low tire pressure light was on. This morning, I pulled the truck out of my parking space and the instant I headed forward, something felt wrong. I pulled to the side of the road, still across my condo’s property. My passenger front tire was flat. I took out my little air pump that runs off the cigarette lighter. It ran for several minutes when I realized it was not doing anything. I ran my hand over the tire and found a bolt stuck into the tire. 
It was time for my Three Stooges’ imitation. I have never changed a tire on this truck and it had been many years since I had to do it with any other vehicle I owned.  I have three jacks and lots of parts to them. I had to figure out how to lower the spare tire. That took some time. I then had to figure out where to put the jacks to lift the truck. The instructions were not perfect, but I used what I saw and made an educated guess. When I got the truck, my brother told me to get some wood blocks to raise the jack. I never got them. 
After removing the hub cap and loosening the bolts by standing on the iron until it moved,  I lifted the truck high enough to get the flat tire off, but then found that the spare appeared taller. That was likely that it was full of air. 
I figured out that the big jack I was using was at its upper limit, which is why you want some blocks to set under it to raise it as high as possible and still fit. I put a scissor jack under the wheel suspension to lift the hub high enough that I was able to slip the tire on. the hard part was done and I was able to quickly finish the job. 
I am not good on the ground. I had to get up and down a whole bunch of times. I had limited amount of lifting the tires, but it was also enough.
I am a person who detests being late and dislikes even being on time. Being a pessimist, I tend to be early whenever possible just in case something happens like traffic back up or problems. The tire lost me an hour in my morning plans but was still able to get going on time. I skipped several stops I normally do in the morning and did a few after I left Mom’s. I do have roadside assistance on my insurance but I was half started when I remembered about it and decided I did not want to make that call. Not across the street from my house. 

At mom’s house, I already decided I was not about to do any work. Getting the stuff out and put back again would be beyond my endurance.I would leave after lunch so I can go home and sleep for a while. 

I much doubt the weather will be as good as this weekend, which I had not seen since spring. I figure there will still be a lot of yard sales out. I am not counting on the awning to be put up by then. While I want to do some turning of platters, I will spend my time working on ornaments until the end of November.

I will see what I do next weekend.


the shop dust pan on the left is my old one.
You can see how it is breaking up because of all the weathering

The doll. Her stand is really too short but she hnng over the edge of the table very well.


router bit.

the dowels and other items I picked up.
In the back ground is a chilli paddle I got at another location

Radio with clock in it.

Today's production, spiral dangles and three paint brushes..
A rod that the dangle came from is for comparison

Year 16, Week 40, Day One (week 872)

Year 16, Week 40, Day One (week 872)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
10-15-16 Saturday

86 degrees, some wetness early morning, and late in the evening. Lots of piled puffs all day long. At about noon, it looked like it might clear as high pebbles were overhead and blue sky over the Everglades to the west, but the weather people changed their mind. A strong breeze blew all day long. Light stuff could be pushed off tables This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach department of Tourism.

We found that there were two big sales. Auntie’s Attic, which has a lot of collectables, and a Church yard sale. We did not bother looking for any others though we did see a sign as we passed by the street at 45 mph and the wrong lane.
At Aunties Attic, which might be about 60 tables, was fun to look at. There were several people selling knitting or crochet. I saw several sewing machines, some doll house furniture, a few cute dolls and typical jewelry, books and decorative dishes, odds and ends. 
One of the sewing machines was an early model of the singer style and it required either a treadle or a separate motor. I did not have that kind of money on me and likely would not have gotten it if I had.  I really don’t want to learn how to sew. If someone offered it for a few bills, I would have grabbed it. I have a sewing machine treadle at my brother’s house that we were going to turn into a treadle powered lathe. That project never happened. It is not totally eliminated, but on indefinite hold right now
There was a woman who had some yarn. One of the ladies selling crochet work was making something. I told her about the yarn. I figured that I would not have to get it....I somehow escaped without buying anything. There was, though, a lot of stuff I would have gladly accepted if they were given to me......

At the church yard sale, walked it a few times. There was some yarn in two places. I escaped the first one, then at the second spot with yarn, the yarn leaped on me and tangled me up. It forced me to grab the other yarn and pay for both batches. Right now, they are holding my truck hostage. I have to keep them if I am to be able to drive my truck around.......

When we arrived back at home, I went out back. I can still feel some of last week’s storm preparation work. Mom said she needed to bring the panels out for the awning. She intended to wash and paint them. Those things are heavy. I can carry two, but three is just too much. I carried three once. Just once. I had too much pride to carry them one at a time. I also was not going to let her do all the work around her house.

I accumulated my materials to work. There is a storm shutter in the back corner of where we have the awning. We never notice it as it is right under the awning when it is up. I set up beneath that just in case weather might come. 
Mom gave me some flat door trim. I decided it was perfect for the paint brush ornaments I am making for Christmas. I basically just have to cut the shape out and surface carve them. The first ones I made were out of two by twos and I cut three out of them out the two inch thickness. These are perfect thickness. 
I did not have access to the band saw. Carving the shape out of the wood was gong to take far too much time. A lot of wood is removed around the handles. I do have a dremmel and I used that to cut the excess wood. The disk I was using tends to burn the wood. Not the perfect solution but it did the job. I just had to carve away the scorched wood.
Carving the wood was not too difficult, at least it would not be if the grain of the wood was not consistent. On one piece out of the same stick of wood, one surface refused to do anything other than split. I think there was a knot near there. I know one piece had a knot. I carved three paint brushes before I decided to try a different project.
Not finding wooden rods I know we have, I then dug out a well weathered piece of black walnut. It is so weathered that the deep brown color is gone completely. I decided to do a dangly spiral ornament. The end of the stick already went on an angle where it broke. My attempts to round it was not spectacular. I ended up working with it as it was. I started the spiral with the knife and then was reminded that black walnut is a hard wood when it comes to carving. I used the dremmel to cut in the slot of the spiral. That allowed the knife to do its work. There was one spot where there were a staple was driven into it, leaving holes near the top. As I cut in, the wood gave, leaving a bigger hole in there where the wood rotted inside. The rot was black walnut brown. 
At the top I drilled holes through in both directions. I was trying to give it some design. As I was trying to enlarge the hole with a grinding bit. There was a pot and a corner of the wood was gone at the rotted spot. I could never find that piece of wood. I do know I heard it hit the nearby wall. 
When packing things up for the storm, I had found a baggy of sawdust I used for filling. I looked several places and could not find the baggy. I was going to use white glue and sawdust to fill the hole and the break, then shape it later. I figured I could always paint this ornament as it was not looking good in the natural color. If I run across the sawdust, I will fill the break.

I decided to create three more paint brushes. I did one with the bristles at the end of the stick, then second’s  handle touching the handle of the first, then the third with the bristles meeting. After cutting the three brush section first, I removed the excess wood at the handles second, Then I separated the brushes. About this time, I decided it was time to pack up and call it a day. 

I accomplished quite a bit today considering the conditions I was working under. 

A friend suggested some ornament designs and I decided I am going to do some rocking horses. The blanks would be easiest to do with a band saw and drill press. It might not be next weekend, possibly the following before I can consider this kind of project. I could do it with a knife but it is a lot of wood to remove and if I am to aim at making a dozen of them, I need to remove as much excess wood as possible to do them fast. 
My friend also suggested spiral dangly ornaments. Those are best done with a lathe available to rough shape the wood. If I put my hands on some rod I am positive we have, I can carve them from scratch from them. I will not buy dowel rods just for these. I would rather use what I already have. I have the tools available to make anything and do it quickly. Just remembering where the tools are and accessing them is the problem...

I am not expecting much tomorrow. The weather does not look good.
I will see what happens next weekend. 


additions to my yarn collection.

some materials also from the collection of yar. I
am thinking that the short pieces of yarn is from cross stitching.

Some artist foam with the yarn collection.

Showing the wedge shaped flat tip of my knife against the grooves of the brushes.

The look at the black walnut wood that is heavily weathered.

The good side of the spiral dangle.

The spiral dangle showing the break.

The wooden paint brush ornaments. Three are not carved. The one on the right has a coat of varnish. The brushes are about an inch and a half wide.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Year 16, Week 39, Day One (week 871)

Year 16, Week 39, Day One (week 871)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
10-08-16 Saturday

High pebbly clouds early morning, fast moving thin cotton puffs later in the day. Good breeze and 86 degrees. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.


Hurricane Matthew was bearing down on us and everybody was getting ready for the storm. At that time, I had not taken the storm seriously yet. My weather sites did not make it frightening, showing it more a glancing pass than anything.. At about nine, Mom called me and said she desperately needed help getting the house ready for the storm. I left work early  and we got to work trying to find places for all the stuff that was under the awning. We had not moved most of this stuff since it was put into place after Hurricane Wilma. It had accumulated like you would not believe. I filled two garbage cans with small pieces of wood I wanted to keep and do something for. Mom had spent the morning getting the garage cleared enough for my machinery to fit into the garage. 
SOMEHOW we found room for most of it. When I finally left, we still had more stuff to put in place but we were wiped out. Nothing damaged by water was out.


I left work at noon and headed to Mom’s house again. We found places for the last pieces of stuff that needed to be hid by about four. Mom is getting up in years and I am not in great shape or condition. We did miracles as this had to be done.  This was one of those cases where you do what has to be done, and then hope to recover afterwords. 
I will say that we found stuff that we did not know we had, or could not find. 
I told mom that unless there was damage in the area, I would not be coming up tomorrow. 
I spent the afternoon moving stuff in the living room and then taking the plants off my porch. It took some time as I felt the past two days and had to rest every few plants. 
One problem I found was that when you pile stuff up, your feet double in size and bumps into everything. It is almost like wearing swim fins.

In the evening, I looked at the weather radar on-line and found that the eye of the storm was a on the other side of the Bahamas when it was in line with my county. That was as good as a total miss.  I don’t think our highest wind was above 40 mph


It was dark when I arrived at Mom’s house in the morning and the colors of the upcoming sunrise was beautiful as we headed out for breakfast. I really need to take pictures. Earlier in the year it was already light when I arrived at Mom’s house.

I knew there absolutely would not be any yard sales. Anybody who planned for one, had the yard sale stuff shoved onto some corner piled with things they brought inside because of the storm. If not next week, the following week nearly everyone will be having a yard sale as they all have found things they can unload. 

Since the walls under the awning is exposed and cleared, Mom decided to hire someone to paint the back walls before they become encased with stuff again. We were not going to put up the awning just yet and none of my big equipment was coming out of the garage. We did get some stuff out of the house so that we could move around in there. Finding room for some of that stuff was a challenge. 
I had to go to plan G for projects to work on. Plans C through F required physical work and my body said absolutely not.

I had my dremmels and carving basket in my truck so I took them out and set up my folding table in the back in the shade of the house. I pulled out the fan and put it on, and then had to search four different places to find all the ornament blanks I accumulated. It was not hard search as I knew about where they were likely would be. 
Over the years, I have made more blanks for Christmas Ornaments than I finished carving. Sometimes I ran out of time, other times, depending on the design, I ran out of initiative to finish all of them. I first wanted to see what they were, and then decide what might be worth finishing. I also had some that I was making back in January for this year and wanted to see what they were again. 
After digging them out, I examined them for ideas. Years ago, I read that at one of the carving symposiums, they had a carving challenge. They gave the carvers a cube and told them to carve something out of it. I did a couple and found that a frog worked great in a cube. I had a frog I started and a couple blank cubes. 
I took one cube and decided to try to create an egg and then have the egg hatching. I took the time to carefully sharpen my knife, and then started carving on the cube. This piece of wood did not want to cut. I rounded the corners but you could still see the cube in it. I really needed to use the lathe to turn the egg then carve it. I have done that a few times. Also, the physics of the wood makes it easier to carve from a longer stick than a little cube. 

The wood this cube was made from had one corner at the center of the tree. The growth rings went from one corner to the other in radius of that center corner. Wood has different cutting effects depending on the direction one cuts. The grain of the tree runs up and down in the growth rings, which goes around the tree. Cutting the grain and the rings on an angle is generally the easiest way to cut. 
Depending on the direction one addresses the wood, the wood may cut easily or split or resist cutting. Cutting straight across the grain is the toughest direction, but with the growth ring and across them also has different amounts of resistance to cutting. I’ve seen only one scientific analysis of the forces involved in cutting wood in different directions and I was in too big a hurry to try to figure out what it was saying and it really was accurate for that one wood, though some information could be gleaned for other woods. 
Being a cube, I was cutting across end grain on most of it, and not having easy cutting really everywhere. If this was that on a longer stick, one can attack the surfaces at more angles and from all sides.
After I humiliated myself with the cube, I decided to set it to the side. 

I worked a tiny bit on a cat head and cat body I tried making. I did not accomplis much on them, other than a little more defining shaping. 
I then did a little bit of shaping on a pair of mice blanks. They have a long way to go. It hurts a little that there is a knot on the nose of one and on the tail of another. Those knots require twice as much shaving to get through them. I could have plugged in the dremmel and made quick work of it, but I was not in the mood for that at the moment. 
I have one blank where I had to look at old pictures to remind me that I was making Santas entering a chimney head first.
I had made a bunch of angels early this year. My first ones had fairy wings and then I remembered the wings angels are supposed to have and made the rest with the right wings. I used the wrong paint to paint (a crafting paint that rubs off) and then the varnish I used was old and left yellow on the surfaces. They don’t look great. I need to paint and varnish them with the right stuff. 
I have a bunch of snow men with arms. I had seen where someone made something like this shape, but carved on them so they looked like old women, children, singers, and such. I will have to carve them. 

I worked on the ornaments until about eleven, then played games on the tablet until lunch time. I put everything away and then picked up lunch. I had a little bit of trouble getting myself to pack things up. There was resistance to walking and carrying like I needed to do.
After lunch, I laid back and relaxed the rest of the day. I found that when I get started after a rest, I am stiff, but I limber up some a short time later once I am up. 


We went out for lunch at the Chinese Buffet with some friends. What would have been an hour for my family was three hours with them. 
When we finally got home, Mom had me help her move things out so that the painters can get in and do the work with the least amount of effort. Hopefully, next weekend we will start the process of getting things back in place.  I am not used to conversing that long.

The storm tracks stopped showing Matthew looping back around and returning to us so we won’t have to continue a storm watch.  I know that the lathe will not be out back for some time so any projects that require turning is out. There MIGHT be a few yard sales next weekend but I figure people will still not be ready to put them out. Most likely I will sit out back and carve on something. The following week might include having to put stuff back. While being able to work again would be nice, I don’t look forward to all that work.

I will see what actually happens next weekend.


the blanks and carvings I dug up.

spools and light bulb to have santa faces carved in.

carved pain brushes

figurine blanks, at the moment snow men

cat, two mice, cat head, frog and cube I bothered.



Pole cats, frog and polar bear

incomplete figure

incomplete figure. I had not defined the nose, which I intended to be big.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Year 16, Week 38, Day One (week 870)

Year 16, Week 38, Day One (week 870)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
10-01-16 Saturday

The weather report on Friday said good weather until after two. Morning radar showed a blob over Miami stretching up deep into my county. It looked like Mom’s house would be dry. It wasn’t. We had Seattle weather in the morning, a light dribble of water that was not heavy enough for an umbrella but enough to wet everything down. The only difference between what we were getting was that in Seattle, it would have been 42 degrees, instead of 84 degrees. After 10, the moisture left and we had high feathers and spilled cream skys. This weather report was brought to you by the city of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

I knew there would be very few, if any yard sales. Mom did find that the church, we went to last weekend, was still having their sale. I walked and searched for anything of interest but could not find any items that needed to come home with me. They have a deal which is a dollar a bag on their books. I did find a book that was interesting, but to “get my money’s worth” I would have taken all the craft books (quilting, knitting, cross stitch,) and the rest of their cook books. I decided not to get any.  There were some mini muffin pans, but I have not used the ones I already have. 

We then went to Walmart and I went through the food isles. In areas I might have gotten something, they did not have the exact thing I was going to get. I left empty.

A while after we got back, I went to the neighborhood Ace Hardware / True Value store and picked up a few things I really did not need. I walked all the isles and then had to go back for something I thought of.  Since my wire brushes are buried somewhere that would require an archeological dig to find them, I picked up a pair. Now to place them where I can remember they are at, and can get to them easily. I also picked up some eyelets for my Christmas ornaments. 

When I arrived at home, Mom had a little project. She had a solar powered L.E.D. lighted decoration. The problem was that the angel did not fit on it, so she wanted me to cut it to make it work. It took a little bit. I used a cutting disk to cut a slot down the middle for the fiberoptic-rod support. Following her lines, it was too wide. I then used a grinding tool to “drill” a hole. I found out that this plastic material melts when the bit is going fast. I spent as much time trying to remove plastic build-up as working on the hole. In the end, I found a drill bit the right size and drilled in until the rod would fit inside. That hole needed to be polished but that was not done. Mom was happy that it would stay on without glue. 

I napped for an hour or so, until it was lunch time. 

I went outside FINALLY to do some work. With the lathe out where I could work, I mounted one of my platter blanks into the lathe and made a platter. I shaped the inside/top. This time I mounted a sanding disk (I picked up early last month) and sanded the surface with the 40 grit and 60 grit disks. That eliminated some tear-out and tool marks. I am thinking that I should take some time and properly sharpen my turning tools for once. 

I flipped the platter around and shaped the bottom/back. I used the sanding disks on that surface. The disks are too big to get into where the center is holding the platter. 

Removing the platter from the lathe, I sat down and removed most of the center post on the inside, then used the dremmel to grind it down to level. Then I used the sanding disks in the drill to hide the dremmel work and go over the surfaces better. There is one problem with using a drill for this. Your hands are in the wrong place to keep it flat and straight and to keep it from wandering. I also removed and sanded the knob on the back side. 
The platter looks fairly good, but has all sorts of flaws in it. One big flaw is that the bottom is so thin that if you hold it up to the light, you can see light through the wood. The plate needs serious sanding and some corrections. Because the sanding disk wandered into places that was not supposed to go into. It ruined some edges. I would say it is not bad for a first attempt at finishing. 
I really need to take the platters I have already made and do some finishing on them to get them closer to presentable.  I am spinning the work at 2000 rpm which is as fast as the lathe will go. I should slow the platters down when sanding. I can go as low as 500 rpm. I have found that most lathes will either go too fast or too slow for what you want to do.

When I was done cleaning up, my legs were telling me that they were not happy with me. I had walked and stood at the church yard sale (about for times the size of a nice living room) and then walked around the food section in Walmart, then went to Ace Hardware/Tru Value, and then stood while making the platter. That was a lot of work for my legs to do.  I relaxed the rest of the day.


I found two yard sales on the way to Mom’s house. One had a lot of baby items. They had a big bag of teddy bears and I had to plug my ears as they were begging to have me take them home. Yard sale teddy bears have a desperate tone when they beg to come home with you. Store teddy bears are a whole lot more calm as they know they will go home with someone eventually. The other yard sale was an elder man and his prices were higher than what I wanted to go with. He had a bunch of electrical wire I could have picked up for my brother, but his prices were higher than I had, even if I wanted to go that high which I would not have.. 
This is a case where the old man had put out signs, and the other house took advantage of people going that way. I almost chose not continued on, but did not feel like turning around in a driveway. Most of the time, I love having several close yard sales. This was kind of nice, but if it were not that I had looked carefully at the address, I might not have gotten to the other sale.

At mom’s house, we had lunch. I decided to lay down just for a moment. An hour and a half later, I woke up. I decided nothing was gong to happen and I was still tired. I decided I had better get going home. 

This week, Matthew will be passing by. The computer models show the storm missing us. It could still wander, or the waves could crash over the state, drowning it. All I know is that when there is a storm out there and we are all going to die. 

Will see how the weather is next weekend.


face side of the platter blank I was after the knot.

back side of platter blank

sanding the face of the platter before flipping it.

finished face side of platter with post removed and sanded down.

back side of platter.after post removed and sanded.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Year 16, Week 37, Day One (week 869)

Year 16, Week 37, Day One (week 869)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
09-24-16 Saturday

78 degrees early morning, 88 degrees late afternoon. No breeze early on, just picking up nicely later in the morning. Radar blobs danced off shore for a long time. About two, one reached out for us with a hand. This weather report was brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach department of Tourism.

Mom found two church yard sales in a paper. We headed out to visit them. One is a church we visit periodically. There were a number of interesting things I chose to not get. They had books, dollar a bag. I found some Jeff Smith Frugal Gourmet cook books. One was a three book set. Then there was another separate book. Mom found a few more books to add to the bag. When I got home, I found I had two of them. This makes my library to have 6 of the some 10 or so books he wrote. Of the two books I had doubles of, I put the kept the best in my set and the others will go as gifts or yard sales. I got these, not because I intend to follow a bunch of the recipes, but I loved his show and would like to have a nice collection of his books.
I also picked up a set of three scissors (one a pinking or serrated) and some metal crochet hooks, with a few needles and a metal knitting needle. 

Mom had picked up some stamps, which I was thinking about getting, and we looked at a Brayer Roller – used for spreading ink on stamps or printing plates. I glanced at a travel iron that had a converter to European outlets. I have one, possibly two, so I held off on getting that. 
We got home and looked at what we picked up, and Mom decided she wanted the brayer roller as one of the stamps is a really big musical piece. I headed back there. Both the iron and the roller were gone. I got twisted around leaving the church. I did find a yard sale I would never have found. I got onto the road I needed and headed North. At the far end, I found a yard sale. Lots of interesting things I would have wanted later. I did find a guitar stand at a price I wanted to pay. I later gave that to a place we meet where a number of guitarists gather to play. 
The other church turned out to be mostly commercial stuff and they wanted a donation for entering. I chose not to. I was feeling cheap at that moment. I had parked on the wrong corner of the building so I got a nice stroll. It is surprising how the walk back is always twice as far as the walk there.....

At a yard sale we missed when Mom was driving, I found out that a friend of mine was helping with the yard sale. It was just not something there that I needed. I gave her some books her daughter might like that I had in the truck. . 

I reached home and chose to take a break, relax until after lunch, which was going to be fairly soon. At two, I went outside after checking the radar. The string of radar contacts somehow skipped inland, going more over the edge of the Everglades. I went outside and looked at the lathe and the things that have to be moved to get it to where I could use it. I decided that with the weather that could be coming, that was not a project I cared to do. 
I decided to trim corners off the platter turning blanks. A lot of equipment would not have to be taken out or put back for this project. It looked good for when weather is questionable. 
I took my multi plug extension cord out. It has a plug box where several outlets can be turned off by a switch. One outlet is always live. I use this most when I am working with the dremmel or the mini lathe. I plugged the Saws-All saw into the always-on outlet, set the wood in the vice in position to knock off a corner. I brought the Saw-All up to the wood and pulled the trigger. Nothing. 
I changed outlets and still nothing, no matter how the switch was set. I wondered if there was power to the power strip I was plugged into. Mom had someone working there this week. I plugged in the fan, and it ran so it was not the power strip;. I then plugged the saw directly into the strip and still it did not work. I even moved the blade so the motor rotated, just in case it was in a dead spot. Still nothing. About that time, we started getting a Seattle Shower. This is where you get hit by one tiny drip a minute. Not enough to put up an umbrella and not really hard enough to keep you from working, but over time, it is enough to get you soaked. Since the saw was not working, I decided to pack up and end the day. It was getting closer to the time to leave anyway. 
Other than some fun yard sailing, I accomplished nothing. I have to get with my brother to trouble shoot the Saws-All. I might have to replace it. Will see. 

I will see what happens tomorrow. 


I stopped at a yard sale of a woman who has had a few the past few weeks. Last time I visited, she said she was going to donate a bunch of stuff. I guess she decided to have another sale. She had a light frame with a bag that velcros to the top rails. It was a hamper. I love hampers for my yarn. I have several wicker hampers filled with yarn I have not had time to touch. I still have yarn that needs a better place for them.. I had something different in mind for this hamper though. 

A good storm passed about an hour later. 

I reached mom’s house after a long stop and she said, “lets go out to eat.” That killed the afternoon. She only offers that if my brother is not coming up. 
When we got back home, I got some things together and headed home. I had a couple stops to do on the way. 
My first stop was Sears. I was after two items, and they no longer carried them. One of them, a water proofing spray for camp gear, I know is available, unless the modern synthetic fibers  has eliminated the need for it. They also no longer carry Saws-Alls in the store. They might be found on line. The one I have was a Craftsman, which Sears carried. 
My second stop was Lowes Hardware, which was in the same plaza. I looked at the prices and the range looked like $75 to $115, if I remember right. The one I have is a good one. Mom has one of those off brand saws that has no guts. I figure the higher price MIGHT be an indicator for power or constructed quality. Will have to give it some thought. 

I headed home, ending my day. 

I do hope to get something done next weekend. I have a lot of wood that is calling my name. I am getting that thought that I have to get some Christmas ornaments made soon. It is never too early, though I started making them back in January and other projects became more important. 

I will see what I do next weekend. 

guitar stand

jeff Smith Frugal Gourmet cook books

scissors and crochet hooks Note teeth on the pinking scissor.

A closer look of the "Steels" crochet hooks. These are best for thread rather than yarn.

clothes hamper

Monday, September 19, 2016

Year 16, Week 36, Day One (week 868)

Year 16, Week 36, Day One (week 868)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
09-17-16 Saturday

86 degrees early morning with high humidity and no wind. Some towers over the ocean. Some feathers and milk above. Puffs appeared here and there, but there was large sections of blue sky most of the day.  A light wind picked up in the afternoon that helped. No weather all day long. This weather report is brought to you by The City Of Pompano Department Of Tourism.

During the week, a weather system passed close to us. I noticed it on the weather radar after it was already north of us. I saw movement in the Doppler where the rain patterns circled one area. A bit later, I saw it was reported as a storm. We received some feeder band activity, but that activity was not great as most of the rain event was over the ocean and not over land, which made it nice. If it had not been above us on the map, I would have thought that we were all going to die. It did gain a name after it finally was completely over water east of Georgia.


The wood turning club meeting caught me off guard. All I had to show in the instant gallery was my drum sticks. Only three people brought something in to represent finials. A couple people brought in work that they hated. One said that his big bowl, about 2 feet in diameter, ended up in the garbage three times. His wife pulled it out of the garbage each time. It had laid around for a long time so he threw it in the garbage. His wife pulled it out and painted figurines on it. His adding the finish messed up her paintings and he tossed it..recovered it and fixed it and then they got a good finish on it. He still does not like it, but it does look good. Another brought in a decorative little container that was up on stilts. He hated it, he did several things to it, then his wife wood burned on it and made it impressive. 
Both cases are examples of where we know what it is supposed to be like and it falls far from our image. Someone else has no clue of what we had in mind, and they liked it. 
I have found in many kinds of art I’ve dabbled in, the artist knows what it was supposed to look like and is very disappointed. Everybody else only sees the end result and are impressed

The demonstration was on making pepper mills and salt mills. There is several steps of drilling and you have the have the hardware to make sure the holes are the right size. The difference between the hardware for the salt mills and the pepper mills, is that the pepper mills can be metal, but the salt mills HAVE to be ceramic because salt will corrode metal. One can get the rods in various lengths. He explained what to do if the rod is too long. The top of the rod is threaded. One cuts on the end that has the mechanism and then re-bends that end to crimp the mechanism in place. Never cut the thread unless you have a way to thread it again. Most people don’t. 
Once the drill holes are made, the outside is basic simple turning. If the wood is interesting, one should keep the parting slots as thin as possible so the wood looks like it was from the same piece of wood with no gaps. 
For fitting the parts in, he had modified a scraper to get the proper angles on the surfaces. He said that each mechanism comes with instructions on how they go together and work.
I will say that the masters make absolutely anything, no matter how complex, look easy. It makes my wood turning look like it is done by Godzilla.


The weather report was good, so after breakfast, I headed out on the yard sale circuit. I visited 9 yard sales and skipped 4 (they either always have sales or nothing was on display worthy of stopping for). I was shocked at how many I stopped at after I counted them up. 
The only thing I picked up was a stuffy kitten. It was in a box of stuffies. I moved them around, setting several of the little teddy bears upright as they are supposed to be. When I grabbed the kitten, it started purring. It wiggled in my hand. When I set it down, it became a stuffy again, except the green eyes blinked at me. After that, I realized I could not leave it there. I really could not take it home as my teddy bears are very jealous and won’t accept any other stuffies. I solve the problem by letting the kitten stay in my truck on the dash, to look at me while I drive.

I saw a whole lot of stuff that in previous years I could have grabbed. There were doll house furniture. There was several cooking appliances, such as a two bladed french-fry cutter. There were bread machines and various electric cooking devices like pancake maker, rice cooker, sandwich makers, etc. I am getting a little better on being picky on what I get. I do have days where I am weak, though. Several pieces of furniture I have no room for. One woman had a copy of a master’s painting. It might have been painted.  If I had room, I would quickly run out of room anyway. 

Once I was back, Mom had a red Cedar tree that was dying. She had me top it, then cut just below the highest green branches. The thickest part of the trunk was about two fingers wide. She had a Tababulea that kept sending up shoots from the top that would rush to reach the sky. It had developed a knob on top. She had me cut that knob off. She will see how it reacts to that. I did those cuts with a hand saw as I did not want to drag out the extension cord for such small cuts.  With the last cut I was making, I was wondering if it would have been less effort to drag the cord. It likely would have been the same. 

I then brought out all the oak branches I had accumulated from my brother’s oak tree.. I decided that I was not going to keep them as many were not in good condition. I chose to cut them up into smaller pieces so they could go into the garbage. I used the saw-all with a not sharp enough blade. Once the blade got part way in, the branch vibrated wildly which is not efficient cutting.
I kept the two largest pieces, removing excess branches from one. I could have unloaded those two, but I decided to give myself a chance anyway. 

After lunch I went out and decided to cut some blanks for wood turning from the board I picked up. The first thing I found out was that it was a two by ten, not a two by twelve. That means the blanks are actually nine inches across. 
I cut on one board with the circular saw and it got stuck. It was also not going straight like I wanted. I changed to the saws-all and that did even worse on going straight. I cut a second blank and decided to change projects. 

I already had some blanks cut but needed the corners removed in order to be able to turn them. I had started on one last month but stopped because it was hot and I was lazy, so I decided to finish that one. The saw was still fighting me. I changed to a sharper blade and it was still fighting me. I should have opened a new blade but didn’t. 
I was cutting away when something hit me on the back of the head. It was like a closed palm hitting me. Solid but no edges. It could not be what I was working on as that was the exact opposite side of where I was hit and it was a small piece I was removing, having removed the main bulk of the corner before. That piece would hit me on the top of the head, not the back of the head.  My vision blurred for just a second, I yelped out, then turned around. I looked over the entire area for what it could be and could not find anything. 
I was going to do some more cutting, but just felt uncomfortable because I had no idea what hit me. There was no sound of anything bouncing off the house before or after. No swishing sounds of things being in the air. 
I decided it would be a good idea just to pack up and call it a day. 


I stopped at one yard sale I saw yesterday since it was up. I still did not need a french-fry cutter or bread maker. I did pick up some recipe booklets. No, I did not need them. They looked interesting anyway. You know how addictions are, you do well for a while then you get a weak moment.

My brother was up. I arrived and we talked about Model railroads for the most part. Most model railroads are designed to see trains run around the tracks. We, though, are into dropping off and picking up cars, or delivering passengers. We discussed how to improve the model railroad layout we have in my house, drawing a few examples. The layout I have inmy house is what I consider the ultimate model railroad layout on a 4x8. He was talking mostly about simplifying it, make it more challenging. We also talked about building self powered engines for the railroad. He wants to go to a big scale where he can use drills to power the engines. I want to stay with HO and use battery power with the batteries in the second car. We don’t do much with model railroading as our schedules don’t mesh. Also, to get my railroad ready to run trains, we would have to spend several sessions just clearing the layout and cleaning tracks. 
Beyond that and some talk about welding and machining, we accomplished nothing. 

Hopefully, I will actually accomplish something next weekend. I can cut a bunch of blanks from the boards. In trimming the corners of the blanks I already have. With the 2x10s I don’t have to cut quite as close to the circle as the two by twelves require. There is more room to spin the blank from a smaller boards. 
I have a lot of wood that wants to be made into something, and a lot of projects that were started and never finished. I need to give up something unimportant such as work, and sleep, in order to get more done.

All the way down the Atlantic coast is a dune area referred to as barrier islands with what was originally fresh water behind it. With dredging, engineers interconnected the inland ponds and lakes behind the barrier islands to create what is now known as The Inter-Coastal Waterway. One can take a boat from New England all the way down to the keys in the protection of the barrier islands. 
Down here in Florida, if a city is established entirely on the barrier island, they gave themselves a name with Beach on the end of it to separate themselves from the city on the main land. You get Miami Beach, Dania Beach, Pompano Beach. Hillsboro Beach. 
I thought you would like to know. 

I will have to see what I do next weekend. 


The bowl that got thrown out three times

a turned and shaped piece that was fished out of the garbage and wood burned by the wife.

Some pepper mills used as examples in the demonstration.

cat stuffy standing up.

cat stuffy on in the permanent home in my truck

wood to be cut up and tossed.

cook books I picked up Sunday

Friday, September 16, 2016

Year 16, Week 35, Day One (week 867)

Year 16, Week 35, Day One (week 867)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
09-10-16 Saturday

86 degrees early morning. Sky full of puffs of all sizes with blue sky in between. 94 high with a light breeze. A weather system down by Cuba (continuing to head west) had sent streams over us most of the week so expectations were low for the day. The day turned out to be dry and nice. Another storm is shown coming right at us in the Atlantic. We may still be scoured off the face of the earth. This weather report was brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism. 

Because of the weather system, I had no expectations for yard sales, but decided to go anyway. I followed the entire big loop. I think there are eight sections one can expect yard sales. There were only three sections with yard sales.
It dawned on me while I was driving the route. This route is about 20 miles. Before the car, 20 miles was a day’s travel for most people. Most towns were spaced about that far apart because of this, plus at river crossings, road crossings and some other geologic locations along the way. Here, I am driving, with no stops, in an hour, and I am driving really slow compared to what we are used to. 
I found six yard sales along the way. Many weeks, something will be common in several yard sales. Golf clubs were at three of them. Cook books were at four of them. Furniture was in four of them. 
At the last yard sale, I picked up a Crock Pot slow cooker which is the same size as one I already had, and a Cast Iron fry pan, which on-line says is for cooking bacon. The pan really needed help. 
I did well in not bringing home a full load as there was a lot of items I gave thought to and talked myself out of.

I got home and Mom wanted to go to Home Depot. I drove as I needed a board. Just as we hit the road, we saw a yard sale sign that was not there when I made my run, so we stopped. She had a lot of children’s stuff. I picked up some rubber stamps and was able to walk away WITHOUT another package of watercolor paint-pots that are connected together. I have plenty of them already. 
I walked from one end of the Home Depot to the other, weaving through about a quarter of the front isles and a few of the back isles too. I picked out a two by twelve board for my platters. While examining the boards, it dawned on me that I tend to grab a board right in front on top. It is a lot of work moving them around and the desire to find the exact board I want is very weak. It usually happens that the kind of board I am after, one with knots, is right there as it was left behind when someone was after clear boards. Below it was a nice clear board with no knots. I like knots better. 

On the way home, I took Mom to that last yard sale I had seen when I went on the circuit. Mom said this woman has nothing she is ever interested in but I stopped and we looked. Mom did find something to buy. I found a doll I had not seen before. The doll had a pretty face, a cute dress and the price was good. I have a friend that gushes whenever I show her pictures of the dolls I have gotten. I might gift her one for Christmas.

Mom had a project for me. She told me about it last week and I decided to tackle it today. We have a wood pile of dimensional boards that we have not touched in a very long time. Some of it is pressure treated and some is not. I started pulling boards out and the ones that had started rotting, at least on one end, got tossed. There were a couple boards that had full contact all around and kept wet that had became compost. There was almost no wood left with them. The pressure treated wood looked well weathered, but they are still useable. 
I found two pieces of black walnut among them. These are like two by twos and a one by one and a half. I had learned how to spot black walnut a while ago. It had a special weathering signature, black spots here and there among the grey surface. 
After I sorted the wood and got them out of the way, Mom cleaned up the wood compost and then figured out how to keep the wood off the ground so it won’t rot so fast. 
I have some oak branches my brother gave me early last year that I have to look at and decide whether to keep them or toss them. I might do that next weekend.

The cast iron pan I picked up, needed some help before I could use it. I looked for a wire brush to mount in my drill. After searching  a bit, I remembered exactly where the brush was. The problem was it would require an archaeological dig to get to it. I was not up for that. I took a brass brush in the dremmel and worked on the bottom of the pan which as fine grooves circling the center emblem. I found out that the brass sticks to the iron and the brush slowly became a simple disk. 
I decided to take a hand powered wire brush (ever use one of those? It is something that cave men used a few years ago) to the pan. It helped but still the pan needed more help. I finally dug out some sandpaper. That finally got the pan to a useable level. It still needs to be washed and scrubbed with steal wool and a brush, but the worst of the corrosion and dirt was gone. 
I was reminded that rust sticks to cloth. I was cleaning the pan with it on my leg and I had a nice rusty colored area on my leg that does not come off easily.

I intended to do all sorts of wood turning today, but from the yard sailing, the Home Depot and the wood pile, I was pretty much done in. It was about two and I decided that calling it a day was the wisest thing to do.  I wanted to turn another platter. The turning club meeting is Thursday and I wanted to make a couple finials for the club challenge. Instead, I called it a day. 
If things go well, I should do a little turning tomorrow. 

I will see what I do tomorrow.


My brother had to work and was not coming up. I got to Mom’s and she asked if I wanted to go out to eat. I said yes and that killed any wood working for the day. Even at a buffet, it takes a couple hours to go out, eat, and come back. One never rushes dining out. 

I have the Wood turning club meeting Thursday. 
I will see what happens next week. 


stamp set

the inside of a pan left outside for a while

the bottom of a pan left outside for a while.

closed crock pot

disassembled crock pot
heating element, metal pan and glass top.

the doll front

the doll from one side

The doll the other side

The two sticks after some sanding. the bottom one is black walnut.
the upper one is some good wood.

sanded pan inside

sanded pan outside. Once seasoned, it will be black.