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Year 16, Week 20, Day One (week 755)

Year 16, Week 20, Day One (week 755)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
06-06-15 Saturday
    80 degrees early morning 85 in the afternoon. The air is beginning to thicken up with humidity, as it usually does towards Summer. It was not bad, though, just noticeable. Unbroken low pregnant clouds to the south giving birth, overhead and to the north were high, badly damaged clouds. Some towers could be seen to the East over the ocean. A low pregnant cloud visited in the late afternoon. It did not look like it would amount to much. We ended up getting a nice cloudburst late afternoon, which I assume was from that cloud as there was nothing deep gray North of it. Only the high feathers and pebbles were overhead when I looked out a bit later. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Department of Tourism.
    Yard sales were sparse this morning, at least where we went, as the weather report was questionable to say the least. I saw a shower curtain to the south as I headed north from home. Once I got to Mom’s area, I knew it would at least be a good morning. Many who might set their stuff out would not want to take the bet on the weather, though.
    We hit only a few yard sales. Each one had interesting items that I chose not to get stuff. One had some beautiful mirrors. Last month I had an idea for a bunch of mirrors, but decided against that idea after some thought about the project. Too much work for the effect desired. The mirrors she had were now relegated in my mind into “the nice” catagory. Another yard sale had a couple items I had several of and I forced myself not to add to my collection. I did get a spinning fishing reel, and avoided getting a second rotary doggy-nail trimmer. I have a couple poles that could use the fishing reel on.
    Household decorations were still the most popular thing on display. After we got to our normal northern border, Mom said she thought someone might drop by for a visit so we ended our search early and headed home.
    Once at home we sat and talked. Then I got on Mom’s computer and played around for longer than I expected to. About the time I was done, it was close to lunch time so I “cooked” lunch by getting a twelve pack of tacos. It was a nice surprise for everyone and was the right kind of lunch for today.
    Having ate like a pig, I laid down for what was supposed to be a quick nap, which became a nice long one instead. I woke to a downpour outside and decided not to try to do any outside project. With some TV and more talking, we ended the day quite relaxed.
    I have a big project at home for tomorrow so I will likely make my visit with mom short unless Mom has something else planned.

I will see what I actually do tomorrow.

Year 16, Week 20, Day Two (week 755)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
06-07-15 Sunday

88 degrees, evenly spaced grayish short puffs marching to the south with some sun shining between them and sometimes through their edges, high pebbles and feathers. One petulant cloud was just coming above Mom’s house and there were some drops on the window. My new Dad hurt his leg this week and was soaking his foot to help control swelling. While we sat and talked, I heard a nice downpour outside. When I went outside to leave, there were towers over the Everglades, and towers a long distance away over the ocean, and really high feathers and pebbles overhead. The little puffs were just a memory.
    I am upgrading my internet connection at home so I had to open up access for the phone outlets in the Kitchen. That meant emptying some shelving and moving stuff in front of the shelving. I loaded some bins and took the stuff out of the kitchen. After the third bin on plastic containers, I bumped something that fell over. It is always fun to try to straighten something out when you cannot set down what you are holding. After that, I would carry just a few things in the bin and set it, and then take several trips with stuff in my arms. The stuff was getting heavier anyway. Some things are not likely to return to the kitchen as I never accessed them in a couple years. They might end up in some yard sale later.
    I put my Cast Iron pots and pans, that I am not using right now, into one bin, carrying most of the to the bin after I set it in an out-of-the way place. Once it was loaded,  I then realized that I cannot lift it. It is going to stay where it is until the phone work is done and then unloaded piece by piece, just like I loaded it.  It is not in an optimal location and not as out-of-the-way as I hoped, but it will do for now. There is more that could have gone into that bin, but since they are on the stove or hanging on the wall, they are not in the way of the work and might be used soon anyway.
    One fun thing about this kind of project is that you get to see what you forgot you had.  I have many items in their original boxes and have never been used. A few items does not fit what I am working with now, such as a microwave popcorn maker that needs a bigger microwave, or something I purchased as an idea for a present and never gave.
    I have a small container of kitchen gadgets that I have not dug into in over a year and will need to see what I have. There might be some things I almost considered picking up at a yard sale. Don’t want to get more if there is something like that in there.
    I have another bin of Hurricane supplies, mostly sterno and lighters. I need to dig through that again. I have a styrofoam cooler full of sterno that could go in there if I arrange things to fit better.
    I tried to load the bins so that the stuff that might not return to the kitchen are the least accessible. The more needed stuff are on top or in front..
    After everything was out, I saw I had to mop the floor. The floor got mopped-AT, anyway. I likely will do it over again when the phone work was done.
    The nice thing about working at home is one can get really comfortable to rest.
    I am not sure how much of this stuff will be put back until next weekend or maybe later. There are a few things from a previous organizing of the kitchen that is still in the temporary location I put them the last time.
    I have no clue what plans will be for next week. There are plenty of options.
    I will see what happens next weekend.

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