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Year 16, Week 21, Day One (week 756)

Year 16, Week 21, Day One (week 756)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
06-13-15 Saturday

    82 degrees early morning, 88 degrees afternoon, Mostly cloudy, loads of low clouds in the morning and late afternoon, but between was high feathers and pebbles filled in with a haze in places. A light breeze early morning, grew, until it gusted at times in the afternoon. There was some sun at times.  This Weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
    I learned that I had messed up when I put in my order for the phone company to come in and install DSL. The order never went through so when I waited on Monday for the phone guy to call, it never happened. A day or so I later called by phone and ordered it again. It will be put in Thursday. In the mean time, my kitchen is disassembled to make room for the guy to get to the phone outlets.
    I’ve done more digging to pull stuff out so I can see it. I will be making a couple bins of stuff that can be sold in yard sales or donated, depending on the mood and situation that arrives when the time comes.
    It is cool to find out what you have. I had a hurricane bin and found I accumulated what could well be twenty or thirty Sterno cans. During the weeks of power out for Hurricane Wilma, I think I used half a dozen cans. I emptied a low cabinet and found a bunch of coffee makers and my Wok. I am not doing that kind of cooking right now so it will go back in storage.  Finding my Wok, it dawned on me that the Sterno cans are perfect for the kind of flame the Wok was designed to use.
    I went through a small bin of kitchen accessories and found one thing that was interesting, a tomato slicer, and found it was dull. Other than measuring cups and spoon sets and egg slicers, most of it will never ever be used. I got a lot of it with other things.
    I need to mop AT the floor again before I move things back into place. The floor needs to be scrubbed, but since I am not about to get on the floor to do it, it won’t get done.
    Mom decided we had plans in mid morning. We did a quick check in one area on the way home from the Restaurant, and saw two hard sales we did not stop at. They have yard sales most weeks and never have anything we want. Mom decided to stay home once we got there, so I went out on my own.
    The first yard sale I ended up hitting twice. I followed the first sign and go there just a short way off the main drag. I picked up a ergonomic keyboard that will fit a computer I have sitting next to me. I got it years ago from my mom and it is a second emergency computer. I have not had to make use of it. The keyboard that mom gave with it is also ergonomic, but has a touch-pad in the middle. That keyboard has seen better days so I decided now was a good time to get a backup on that. There were several people involved in this yard sale. I then went down the main drag a good distance and found another sign and followed it and it turned out to be the same yard sale. One guy had warned me about making that mistake and I did not understand what he meant until I made the same mistake.
    A second yard sale was a little one. I considered not stopping but decided to look in anyway. I saw tent rods, flexible rods that are connected by bungie cords and they fit together. I got a pair last month. I had an idea for a project so I picked them up. I then noticed that the tent was with it, but priced separately. I decided to get both of them. This is a kid’s tent that the tent itself is one-piece nylon and the posts slide in sleeves around that go over the top. The two sets of flexible poles cross at top and give it an iglu shape..
    Later, when I set it up, I found one rod had a kink in it. I do have another set of rods I got a month or so ago and will swap them. (I could not find the other set of poles and while writing this, looked one last place I thought they could be and found them. There is a couple inches difference in length, but it should work anyway. It will just be a little tighter.)
    At the third yard sale, also by several people, had a lot of craft stuff. I saw a cloth grocery bag of yarn. I mentioned “Why am I looking at this? I have a lifetime supply of yarn already. When the girl said fifty cents, the yarn leaped out and tripped me up before they tied me up. The yarn was choking me until I handed over the two quarters to buy the yarn. The yarn went back in the bag and was singing as I walked away with the bag hanging on my arm.  There were a couple colors I absolutely love within the bag of yarn.
    At the other end of the yard sale, I saw a book of boxes and had a look. I found myself browsing cook books. I exclaimed, “why am I looking at these? I have seventy cookbooks already.” One book caught my eye was a bread-machine cook book. I put it down. I had a quick conversation with several people about bread making. I told about the last time I made some bread where I added mixed grain to it to a nice effect.  One neighbor said she would donate her bread machine to the woman with the yard sale.
    I was getting close to the time to get home. I ended up finding one last yard sale but it looked mostly like clothing and since I was basically out of time, I skipped it.
    The yard sales were really sparse today. I had joked with Mom that if we had no time to go to yard sales, there would have been hundreds of them.... That happened the last time we had no time to stop.
    We went to listen to the Archeologist / Historian-speaker at another presentation. He makes what would normally be dry and boring discussions into vibrant, enjoyable presentations.
    We all took a nap. Mine went longer than planned. After the nap, I went outside and photographed my findings. I sorted and untangled some of the yarn I had gotten. The tangle was cut into sections. I found through a number of pieces included in the tangle that they were learning braiding. They would twist together two different colored strands, and make several, and then braid them together. There were some interesting styles of braiding. I am sorry I don’t understand how to braid. As a kid, I once knew how to do a basic braid, but now I have forgotten how to do it.

    I have options to work on Tomorrow. I told Mom that if my brother is not coming up, I will stay home and do some projects.
    I will see what I do tomorrow.

 The yarn with the tangles

 Untangled yarn with braiding

 Children's tent

Year 16, Week 21, Day Two (week 756)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
06-14-15 Sunday
    Lots of grey bottomed clouds, but no showers predicted. I did get a few drips on the windshield when I drove someplace but that was all there was. A nice breeze made it nice. This Weather report is brought to you by the City of Sunrise Department Of Tourism.
    I got an early call this morning from Mom. My brother had to work so I shifted to Plan B. I did an Run to take care of some things first off. I had to wait for a while during part of my outing. One skein of yarn demanded to become a teddy bear, so while waiting, I started another teddy bear. The teddy bears I am doing are made one piece, the two halves connected together.  I got the first arm and first leg finished, and had started the second leg in the time of waiting. I had to make the skein of yarn into a ball because when I pulled the yarn out of the center of the skein, a big blob came out. I wound the yarn so that it will come out of the center of the ball. Including the rewinding of the yarn, I got quite a bit done in the time I waited.
    Once I was back, I emptied a lower cabinet in the kitchen, put a bunch of stuff away.
    I did only a quarter as much as I planned to do. A nice long nap in the middle messed up some of the time I could have worked.  I have not worked with the kitchen stuff at all, but instead worked with papers, trying to find ones that disappeared, and tossing stuff that was no longer valid. The kitchen in disarray makes things tough. I cannot put things back until the Phone guy comes. I empty one thing and it makes a bigger mess some place else. It is interesting to find things you forgot about. It is also interesting to lose stuff, especially when you know exactly where it is supposed to be...
    One big project next weekend will be to get everything where it belongs after the Phone guy is done. I also need to get other things in order for when they are needed.
    I will see what I actually do next weekend.

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