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Year 16, Week 17, Day One (week 753)

  Year 16, Week 17, Day One (week 753)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
05-16-15 Saturday
    Mostly blue skies early morning with some towers on the horizon, leaving us. Sky filled up with small clouds to almost be unbroken in the afternoon. Nice breeze, 78 early morning, 88 in the afternoon. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
    The sky was light all the way across this morning while I drove up to Mom’s house. I would say it is nearing summer just from that.
    After Breakfast, Mom headed in a round-about way to an advertized moving sale. It was in a neighborhood I had never been into. These are a community of very expensive homes built around a golf course, club houses, and tennis courts, and so on. The house was really nice. The people were moving closer to the ocean (just a few miles) and into a smaller house so they had to get rid of stuff. From the looks of it, they completely changed their decorations each season, and they had some very expensive items on display from other cultures. My big problem is that I don’t decorate, entertain, and have enough of my stuff, much from family and also accumulated books so I have nowhere to put anything. The one thing I considered, was picked up before I got around to asking a question about it.
    Another moving sale was in a low priced neighborhood. They had a wooden music stand that I gave a long thought for. Again, I have no place for it, I doubt I would ever use it, and what made it worse, I have no idea who I could pass it on to. I did spend a quarter there for something I will give my brother.
    One of the later yard sales we visited, they had a sign on their stuff “yard sale, not trash”. I picked up a cast iron corn-muffin maker, where it makes it to look like cobs of corn. It had surface rust, but that is easy to clean up. I have seen these in the store, but it is not something I would ever pay full price for. I am not totally sure if I will ever use it either. The price was right so I got it.
    After we got back, I had to take a quick run to the bank. Stores don’t like the hundreds that some cash machines give out. On the way back, I stopped at a yard sale that had opened after we had headed out in the morning. I got some trowel tools used in brick laying. I was after the garden trowel that was in the set.
    A year or two ago, I stuck a dollar store garden trowel into one of my pots on the porch. This week, I took it to scoop something and it broke, The metal had rusted into layers, totally rotted. This find solves that.
    After a good rest and lunch, I dug out the carvings and turnings kept at my mom’s house. I’ve wanted to do this since last year. I wanted a record of what I had. Between that, petting the cat, and drilling a couple quick holes in a pot for Mom, that finished my day.
    Between all the times, I finished another handle sock for fry-pan handles.  I forgot all about the ornament I was carving.
    I have a friend who wanted a cast iron pan so I had made sure it was well seasoned and clean. I printed up instructions on care and use of the pan, and included two handle socks, one on the handle itself so she would know what it is. I then gave her verbal instructions after I handed it to her. One TV chef had the saying, “Hot pan, cold oil, food no stick.” That was the key I told her to use the pans. That and just brushing it under water (never use soap) to clean.
    I won’t be going to Mom’s tomorrow. I have some home projects tomorrow. I don’t know if I will have a post for tomorrow. If I do, it won’t be much.
    I will see what I do tomorrow, Or even next weekend.

Year 16, Week 17, Day Two (week 753)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
05-17-15 Sunday
    Some showers, some blue sky, some clouds. Some towers. I forgot to read the temps. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Sunrise Department of Tourism.
    I had to do some running around. I had some stuff in the back of the truck that I did not want to get wet. There was a thunder tower to the north, but it seemed to be moving as fast south as it was to the west, which was the direction of most of the weather.  I stopped and got groceries that I was missing, and there was a light mist. I got home, and ten minutes after I got inside, and was settling in, we got a nice downpour. Radar showed it was a thin light front passing to the west. Nice timing.
    One project that has been looking at me was to clean up my porch. (I forgot to take "before" pictures) Many of my plants have not had great maintenance in a while. I also needed to get the pots ready for hurricane season. They all have to come inside should there be a storm.
    Leaf and twigs that accumulated, and trimming while I was at it, filled a big lawn-trash bag. Cacti don’t fit into the bag too well. The stickers don’t make them easy to handle. One plant had loads of roots sticking out the bottom of the pot. There are three plants that I might have killed because of what I did to them, but was worth doing. If they survive, great.  I also swept up half of a five-gallon pot of sand and dirt that has escaped the pots. I filled two pots that were real low. They are a couple of the plants that might not survive.
    The porch looks nicer. Still needs work. I have two of what used to be good chairs, but time has done them in. Next bulk garbage day, they will have to go. One advantage of working at home is it is more comfortable to rest and recover after the work is done.
    I seasoned the corn muffin pan on the stove. It looks good. I was disappointed that the flanges on the ends are about half an inch too wide to fit in my toaster oven. Unless it is on the stove, I don’t think I can use it since my stove’s oven does not work. I will have to find someone to pass it on to.
    Next weekend is a long weekend. I might stay home Monday and do home stuff again.
    I will see what I actually do next weekend.

    corn muffin pan showing light surface rust.

brick laying tolls, some will be used for gardening.

one end of my porch to show it somewhat clean.

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