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Week 596 Wood Working

Year 11, Week 22, Day One (week 596) (January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.) 06-11-11 Saturday

Sunny 88 degrees, lots of thick puffs, mostly sunny. This weather report is brought to you by the City of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.
I learned something about the weather reports down here. They will give you the percent chance of rain. It always seems meaningless to your day. What I learned is that when they give you the percent chance of rain, it is for the whole reporting area, which can be more than one county, and it is for the whole day.
An example, is that if there is a stationary band of rain at the southern border of your county, they report the whole area as if it is getting that rain. If it is going to rain in the evening, they will give you the percent chance of rain for the whole day based on that evening rain.
I tend to use weather radar to base my activities. One can get a good idea of how fast any rain bands are moving. Saturday, they had a high chance of rain, but the rain never came until the evening and not much in the area I was in.

Started the morning after Breakfast with working on the front yard planters. We moved some rocks around, and then repotted a couple plants. One of the palms in the big planter is a type that spreads It will send out roots that will send up a trunk. One big root was a trip danger. We cut it next to both trunks. We then removed a third trunk and removed the root right next to the second trunk. I kept the wood and will see what it is like after it dries. it might well be garbage.

Front planter about finished.

Side yard planter much cleaned up.

We hit only two yard sales. At one I got one of those battery powered vibrating saws that was broken. I don't know if it is the battery, charger or motor. I got it for a dollar so he did not have to put it back. I figured it had some things my brother might be able to use.

I had an hour to kill while my mom went to a meeting, so I sat out back with the cat and crocheted.

We went to a Picnic a bit later. There was BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers, and lots of other foods. They gave out raffle items. Mom donated a painting and the person who got it was really excited. Another person knew who got the painting last year and was really impressed. She gave my mom a great compliment. She asked if I was Mom's husband.

After I left the picnic, I stopped at several stores looking at pin or brad nailers. I needed to know what was available and what they were going to cost. Home depot has one for $60 that can use more nail sizes than the $35 one at Sears. I will look a bit longer and see if I can get the right one for the kind of money I plan to buy. I talked to my brother Sunday and he thought it would be a great thing to have.
Year 11, Week 22, Day two (week 596) (January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.) 06-12-11 Sunday

88 degrees, lots of good moving puffs, thickening up as the day went on. a little bit of liquid sunshine at the end of our work day. This weather report is brought to you by the Departments of Tourism of Both the City of Pompano Beach Florida and The City Of Fort Lauderdale

Last night, I needed a specific colored yarn for a project. I looked in the bag of yarn I got last month and could not immediately spot the yarn I needed. I ended up emptying nearly every yarn box and bag I had, sorting them so similar kinds of yarn were together. I have cross stitch yarn, tapestry yarn, bits and pieces, new and barely used balls of yarn. I can now put my hands on what I need, at least until I need them.
One project I am working on in the truck when I get stuck at lights or in some place where I have to wait, is to tie bits and pieces of yarn together and crochet them into one piece. I get bands of different colors as one yarn is used up and the next one comes along. I put all my little bits and pieces together in a bag and got that in the truck so that when I use up the ball I am working on, I can tie a bunch more together and continue working. This is a great way to use these up in a useful project.

I went to Mom's house fairly early. I got out the metal lathe and set it up as a milling machine. I took the block of metal I had and was doing the set up to cut the tool holding slot on the edge. I found that none of my bolts are long enough to hold it down from the top at that end. I came up with a way to hold the thing down but did not have enough nuts to make it work. I sat and looked at it for a long while, before I decided to do something else.

Attempting to set up for machining a block of metal.

I dug into my box of failed pieces, or pieces that need serious work. I had one piece that was going to be a tea pot. I never finished it as it was not working at all. I decided it could be a good project to fix up. I mounted it in the lathe and cleaned up the outside dome. It will need sanding.
I had turned the piece side ways, so the center of the wood spins around. I have some of the under-bark wood exposed between the wood cut by my turning tools. this piece happens to be thick and clunky.

Tea pot. You can see where I attached a spout at one point but never drilled it out.

I just started cleaning up and thinning it out from the inside, when I got a call that my brother was not coming up. Mom decided to remain at her meeting. My nephew was at my brother's house and was going to do some black smithing.
I cleaned up and put everything away, gathered a bunch of stuff I was giving to my brother, and then headed to his house.

My brother's radiator had sprung a leak so he was off trying to find the right one. The one he got first was the wrong one. His truck was built between changes of model years so he had stuff from the next model year in his truck.
I kept him company for the most part, with my nephew helping, to put the new radiator in.

We finally got out back and fired up the forge. My nephew was making another set of tongs, while I was just pounding metal, making another re-bar square. I started flattening it some when we stopped.
We just don't have the right hammers. They are either too heavy or the wrong design. One that was reasonably good to work with was starting to slip off the handle. Need to add a wedge to the handle. I could do it in just a few minutes. Someone had driven screws into it to try to give the wedge strength. I am at a point where I can fix something like that fairly easily now. I should have thought of it while I was there. It will be interesting to see if I think of that next time I am there.
We were nearly done packing everything up when some Liquid Sunshine started dribbling down. I was on the road when I heard of strong weather in the cities at the edge of the Everglades.

Thursday I have the turning club meeting. I will show off my Bougainvillea bowl there. I am adding the finish now.
Next weekend, I should get to do some milling of metal. I have an idea of what I need to do, but just have to get things together to make it work. I plan to finish the tea pot. I might turn the outside to remove any sign of the wood that was under the bark. I have a lot of wood that demands to be worked. I have plenty of carving projects to do, some are in the wish list stage such as doing a relief carving, and others are already in process such as the face vase and flower vase I have already started.

I will see what I actually do next week.

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