Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mid-June At The Farm

We came to sort of a slowdown phase on the farm house repairs, where there were lots of tedious projects that had to be done before anything major got renovated. So while those were going on, the garden became my ongoing project. 

This is the garden in mid-June. Not everything is planted yet, but I'm picking away at it. What is in seems to be growing well. The rains have been plentiful and that area gets a full day of sunshine.

A chipping sparrow who loves to sit on the tomato posts while hunting bugs.

This is the post on top of the milkroom. When I got to the farm at 8AM one morning, a male mockingbird was sitting there, singing his heart out. It's amazing how many other bird songs they know. I stood on the walkway, watching and listening for about 10 minutes, entranced as he lifted his head and tail, fluttered his wings, and told the entire world what a happy life he has. I unlocked the door and hustled inside to get my camera, and he finished his solo and flew off just as I snapped this picture. Darn! 

I guess Mr. Mockingbird couldn't resist an encore though, because he flew down to the driveway and then up to the office roof to give me one more chance to snap a shot of him. Bravo sir, bravo!

Looking down toward the garden, I could see the first blossoms on the winter squash and pumpkins beginning to open.

The morning garden. We've made ourselves a little seating area for break times and to sit at the evening and just talk.

Looking toward the barn from the house. The bank really drops off there.

A little dark because this is an evening shot, but a barn swallow on the line. They are almost always in motion and so are very hard to get a picture of. You can see the typical 'swallow' tail.

A deer comes calling, down by the pond.

Hmm, that grass does look tasty!

Let's see if it meets with my approval...

Ah yes, this is a five star field... nom, nom.

Tomatoes and potatoes are both doing well.

Mowing for mulch is kind of a relaxing way to end the day.

Mr. Chipping Sparrow is back to supervise insect removal chores.

And the sun sets on another weekend in our new paradise.

It's getting harder and harder to leave each time. I can't wait for the day when we can move in to stay!

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