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Did you write? 06-27-11

Did you write? 06-27-11

The saying goes something like, "Another day, another dollar, A million days, a 100 dollars after expenses."
For here the saying is, "Another week, did you write?"

This note is a place to tell about what is going on in your life, and also tell about any writing activities you might have been involved in, or not.
The hope is that after posting about not writing a few times, one will see the note coming and open something, anything, just so you can give a positive report.

Word counts are desirable but can be meaningless. We all have zapped a section because it was not working. That right there can give you negative numbers.

What counts as writing can be anything. Poetry, articles, blogging, technical writing, world and character creation, Even E-mails can be writing if they pertain to writing or story and are wordy.
Editing is writing, even if it is the work of others. Critiquing is also writing. Of course any new writing is writing.

I am on schedule with my story ideas. I don't have time to post tonight's story idea, but I have 43 stories in my compost pile. I post these on many bulletin boards, but the main place I like to point to is
To see my story ideas you can go to and scroll down to Writer's Roost
Or go directly to it at

This week, I worked Friday for the first time in nearly three years. We have a big, rush project we are trying to get out. The big problem is that I will get a ways along and the salesman will come back with changes and I have to go back to the beginning again. Luckily, I have it set up so the changes are easy.
I have also worked late the past several work days. That is drastically killed my writing times.

I am in an exciting scene in my story, but work has killed my writing time. I had a big blast of writing after I posted this note last week and my time disappeared quickly after that.
I had sent a concept to my writing partner and she sent back an alternate concept. I roughed out the scene and she said it was good, and offered some suggestions. I have not had the chance to work with her suggestions since. Even so, I added 700 words this week and could have tripled it if I had my normal writing time to work with.

"A good weekend is one where you return to work to recover from." 'I had a good weekend.'
I did a lot of manual labor this weekend. I hauled some fresh wood for my woodworking, hauled gravel for my mom's planters, took out my entire wood pile, picked out a few pieces that had gone bad, then put it all back again. I felt my labors. I am not one who does physical work much since I have a desk job.
My biggest surprise was that I had a lot of wood I forgot I had. there were several projects I had thought of and gave up on doing since I did not think I had the right materials to work with. While I will forget about it soon, at the moment, I know what I have to work with.
I am expecting more wood over the next month, then I will be stuck with what I have for a while. there is always that "I wish I had" syndrom when it comes to gathering supplies. Just a little more would have been a good idea...

As to the question of the week, I can honestly say,



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