Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Farm In Early May

Been wanting to post these pictures for a while now, and just getting around to doing that tonight. Between writing, packing, and working at the farm, I've been busy! 

This is how the house looked on the 7th of May. What a lovely day that was!

The garden all tilled and two rows of potatoes planted by the last resident, who is still living in the area. We agreed to share garden space and produce.

To my joy I discovered there are some old fashioned purple lilac bushes out front. I like the white ones, but these are more fragrant.

The white lilac near the house was coming into bloom...

...as was the one that stands on the bank above the barn.

The white ones are pretty alright.

And this crabapple tree with rosy pink blossoms is stunning!


I could stare at them all day!

The closer you get, the better they look!

That magnolia is still in bloom!

But I still love purple lilacs best of all. These were ready to pop!

Not to be outdone, the maple on the bank over the barn is hung with rusty colored 'keys'—the double winged seeds of the species.

Love these magnolia blossoms and they really lasted a long time.

The dwarf pear on the north side lawn was also blossoming.

As was the rhubarb.

A depth shot of the north side lawn. Love that old house!

That crabapple looks good from either side. I'll look forward to it blooming each spring.

Same with the magnolia. I see my dear friend Bev here in all these little touches.

The promise of fruit to be...

This tree looks like an apple to me. Pears are usually more upright, and apple trees spread.

A depth shot of the north side lawn, looking up toward the house from way behind the barn.

The barn on a picture perfect day!

Life doesn't get any better than this folks! 


Anonymous said...

I love the place!!! The potential there is endless... My house was built in 1760, so I understand that no matter how large the project, it is a labor of love. Marianne - EVC.

Nancy said...

It's going to be quite the place Marianne. I have more pics going up tonight, mostly garden and wildlife shots though.