Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crochet projects.

June 2011 crochet

Since my last post on crochet, I have been a bit busier.
I am learning simple projects before I get into making stuffies, stuffed animals. Each project develops skills to be used later.
I finished the blue wash cloth I made in my truck. It came out well. I can see mistakes but other people don't notice them.

rear of washcloth

Front of washcloth.

I spent time making a dress for my teddy bear named Snowflake. I mis-measured when I originally made it. Teddy bears wiggle around a lot when trying to get their right sizes.

When I finished the main piece, it was a size designed for a larger teddy bear. I stared at it for a very long time trying to figure out what to do about my mistake. I was not in the mood of taking it out.

dress laid out flat

back of dress looks good.

Front of dress shows it too big.

figuring out how to make it fit. Pulled the collar close to show it fit better that way.

I decided that gold yarn would look good with the tan. I made part of the straps as the front of the dress, and then had to make a front to the skirt.

I decided to use yellow instead of the original color.
I took it out about four times as it was not working right, but I was figuring out what would work better. When I was satisfied with the design I wanted, I got to work and finished it. I then went around all the edges in yellow which punched it up.
If I did it over again, I would have used the original color rather than have that big block of yellow. Since I wove in the ends, it might be a bit tough to take it out and correct it, so it will remain the way it is.
For a first try at designing, it came out acceptably.

front view of Snowflake in her new dress.

side view of her new dress.

In a yard sale find where I got five pounds of yarn, there were whole batches of bits and pieces of yarn. I got the idea of making what I learned later as an ODD BALL. It is bits and pieces of yarn knotted together.
One day, I decided I should make a bag for my yarn since I was using plastic bags to hold my yarn. I then picked up a cooler bag for six packs at the dollar store. I am using that cooler bag as a guide on the size of this work. This is a truck project, where I work it at red lights, at the laundry, at doctor's offices and anywhere else I have to wait while away from the house.
I am working with what is called an odd ball as I learned it to be called. It is short bits of yarn knotted together. I love the color effect but could do without the knots. There are strips of different colors. I love the variety. there are also places of different sized yarns.
I am now working my way up the sides and am several rows above the pictured presented. I had gone flat over the entire size, then went in a stitch and started working my way up. I learned that technique while trying to figure out on my own on how to do Tunisian crochet. I later saw a video on line that showed how it really is supposed to be done. The experimenting taught me alot.
I see that the corners have become rounded and the sides are floppy. What I will do when I get as tall as I think it needs to be, is to stitch the corners so the stick out slightly and end up square.
I used up all the really small pieces of yarn I had, some of which were less than six inches in length, and am now working on small balls of yarn.
I have a gallon baggy of tapestry yarn. I sort of feel guilty using them as someone could well make use of them better. I figure when I finish up the little balls of yarn I am working with now, I will start using the tapestry yarn if I need it.

odd ball fabric of my yarn bag as I just started working up the sides.

I am at the very beginning of my first stuffy. I had made a small ball a while back as an experiment, but now I am going to actually make something. I am one row past the magic ring. I have not decided what I am going to make just yet. I am not counting and not following any pattern, but instead just winging it like the dress. I could run into problems on the limbs, but will worry about that later. The stuffies is really what I am learning crochet for.

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