Saturday, January 15, 2011

We got snow!

Storm Benedict on January 12th dropped 20" of snow on us. We did have snow on the ground already. It was impressive. Could hardly get the back door open the next morning. We're still shoveling out.

Below are cedar branches out front.

My front yard, as shot from the steps. I was out there in crocs without socks and a tee shirt. Native New Englander you know. ;-) I love the way it stuck to all the trees. We still have some of that because we never got the winds you usually get off the back of the big storms.

A shot of the road from the front step. It had been plowed a couple times but kept drifting in. It was still snowing when this was shot. The roads are hard to keep up with these big storms. It started overnight and snowed a good part of the day.

From the back porch, toward the top of the driveway. My son's car is buried. Took a while to dig everything out. I don't do much of that stuff anymore, the back won't take it. But I used to!

The back yard had a fluffy coating, like gingerbread icing. It is soooo pretty!

Some people get very depressed or fretful in the winters up here. I'm not one of them. Sure, I feel the cold. And I don't like driving on icy roads, or walking where it is slippery, and unless you can afford to get plowed out or have a snowblower (we have the garden tractor one) a storm like this one can be a tremendous amount of work. My family busted their butts clearing this one out. But it's like anything else; the more you have to fight it, the less you see the beauty and peace of it. I don't mind winters because I have so many hobbies and interests, they fly by for me. I settled in with my writing for the day, and just watched it coming down out the window next to me, glad to be inside, safe, snug and warm. I did my share of fighting the elements over the years. It's nice to be able to peacefully coexist with Nature now.

Well, most of the time that is!

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