Monday, January 31, 2011

October Remembered...

This blog post is brought to you by Oreo, who says that since it is going to snow for two days once again, we should all find a comfy spot and curl up for a while. Works for me!  

Back in early October when Roger came to visit, he brought me gifts! One of them that I especially treasure is the collection of buttons to the right. I am always looking for old buttons for projects and this had a really awesome assortment. It's always good to have friends who are crafters/hobbyists and understand what simple joys surprises like this bring. Thanks Rog! 

This old book about aircraft was purchased for a quarter from a middle-aged man who lost his job in the jet engine building industry, and then lost his wife, and home. He was a very bitter individual, but I spent some time talking with him anyway, because he seemed to need it. I hope he found some peace afterward. It's interesting and filled with historical pictures, as you can see below.
 One thing we both agreed is that these are hard times for those of us who grew up in the era when a good job was easy to find in the factories and you didn't need a degree to get one. I do miss those days, when job security really meant something. 

On a happier note, I also got a few books from him for my grandson. Used books in good shape are always on my buying list. Having books around that are interesting and fun makes for lifelong readers, and I really think that the more you read when you are young, the better you learn to process information and use your imagination. Reading is a slow and cerebral way of exploring the world around you, and it's just plain entertaining too. 

The book and CD to the right  came from a thrift shop. Whenever I have a birthday, anniversary or other open holiday, and they ask me what I want to do, I tell them lets go thrifting! Like a big treasure hunt, and a little money goes a long way.

These paperbacks to the left were for me. I got them free out of a box at a flea market. The dealer said take them because he was going to throw them away when he got home. Sacrilege!  

Now these to the right I paid for, and it was a three-fer price. I wanted the Diablo books for #1 son Jason and just chose the Avalon one to get the discount. I've read some of that series. 

These next two sets of books to the left are basically for writing reference. I'm always looking for either background info or inspiration. Sure, I can go online to research, unless we are having a power outage or I'm somewhere I am disconnected from the internet. 

I have the Dragonlogy book, so the other two 'ologies' give me an entire set. Fun to page through when you need something new to mull over. 

Since I write fantasy, I've got a thing for surrounding myself with it. I'll likely reframe the unicorn pics someday. That is one of those dimensional foil pictures.

I did very well with frames at the thrift shops this fall. I love the little English blessing. 

More frames below, and that CD turned out to be some amazing Native American flute work. I like to listen to that when I write sometimes. 

A perfectly good shower curtain set, in the right colors for my upstairs bathroom, and all for under $4! That's why I LVE thrifting folks! 
 I love brass and candle holders, and these were especially nice ones. The flower fairy cup was a find. Haven't used the wire and glass trinket box for anything yet, but the little wooden chest now holds flash drives on my desk. 

I have one of those sand castles already, and couldn't resist getting another. I am also an owl collector, and this little glass guy sits on the windowsill near where I work, and watches me. We have at least three kinds of owls here that we've identified by their calls: Barred Owls, Screech Owls, and Great Horned Owls. We've heard all three at times this fall. 

The big plastic mug to the left I gave to my mother for soup and cocoa, because if she drops it, it won't chip. She loves it. I gave the Maine mug to my boating and Maine vacation loving neighbor as part of a Christmas basket. It is pretty! 

Aw c'mon—could you resist this Northern Exposure guy? Never used, and good hardwood too. He's happy in my kitchen now. 

It's a Tupperware deli keeper from way back in cherry shape, and mine is shot. I've packed a lot of cookies in mine over the years. 

I'll admit that I can't sew for beans, but I have friends who can. Someone will be getting these as gifts. I paid a whopping 25¢ each!

The sign below stopped me in my tracks at a flea market, and I just had to have it. Sometimes the truth hurts, at other times you hang a big old sign up and proudly admit your shortcomings to the world. LOL

Yeah, that's yarn. Oh c'mon, this is ME we're talking about! You had to know I'd find some yarn to bring home. Actually I had one skein of some very nice designer homespun yarn in my cart in a thrift shop, and walked away to look at something. I came back, and someone had swiped it. I bought these bags instead. The light green scarf I posted about a while back got made from this batch.

I have not opened or used this black cotton yarn yet, but that was a find. Kind of an unusual color in cotton, it was likely catalog ordered. 

No, that's not made from the cotton, but some leftover acrylic. That's my hexing hat, the one you see in my pictures here and on Facebook. Something I just threw together for myself and took about 4 nights to finish. A good way to display my fancy pins too. I have NO idea what the smudges on it are in this picture, but they're not there now. 

One of my prize possessions, a Kirk's Folly pin. I love their line of fantasy costume jewelry. One of the few items I will splurge on and pay full price for, but not too often! They are not inexpensive. I have a thing for dragons you know...

This flying unicorn pin is also a fave. Looks really great on the hat. I have a couple others, as well as less expensive pieces I really love. I will be wearing the hat and different pins to Pulp Ark come May. 

Nothing fancy about these, just some new bottle cozies in different sizes. I use the one on the left almost every day. They help use up scrap/stash yarn and do a wonderful job of keeping your hands dry and wet rings off the furniture. Keeps the drink cold much longer too. And you always know which bottle is yours. One of my first fall projects.

This is all cotton yarn and started life with the idea of being wash cloth. I found it too big, stiff, and rough, so now it is for scrubbing. Boy do these colors fade in the wash though! Too bad, I loved that ombre purple mix.

This one is also cotton, a striping yarn. It was a bit better as a wash cloth, though it didn't hold enough shower gel. It also gets used for scrubbing, and would make an excellent dishcloth.

We're having a tough winter up here, and I hear people moaning about cabin fever. It is very hard when you need to be somewhere like work, and you have to deal with this kind of weather. Or you need your driveway cleared for the umpteenth time and it's either pay through the nose to have it plowed, or break your back shoveling. It's often cold and miserable out, and the walking get treacherous too. Even though my work is all from home, I sympathize folks, I really do, because I have to get out now and then myself. The weather has not been conducive to unnecessary trips, so most of my days out have been grocery shopping and errands, or appointments, with very little fun involved. But I never get those winter blues, because I keep busy. If you have hobbies and projects to do in those spare moments that we often fill with restlessness and dark thoughts, the winter will be over before you know it, AND you'll have something to show for it too.

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