Monday, January 31, 2011

Did you write? January 31,2011

Did you write? January 31,2011
Wow, Another month has passed. I am doing horrible on keeping my New Year's resolution of not bragging about not keeping my New Year's resolution. I mean it is the toughest one I have ever made... Oops, I just broke it again.....

This note is a prompt to get people to write regularly. Many of us don't need it, but some have to have an excuse to face the blank screen and fill it with words. Knowing this note is coming and that you really should report SOMETHING, you decide it is best to report that you wrote so you open some work and wiggle your fingers over the keyboard.

How much you write is unimportant. One word or a couple thousand is equal. It is the habit of facing a project each week that is important. A little each week adds up to a lot of writing over the year. Also, your project might be to edit to less words so your word count might go backwards.
You don't even have to work on just one project. Multiple pieces is as good as one.

What is writing is also not important. Each week I list possible selections as what can be writing. I could count a lot more than I personally do, but I have my own personal rules as to what is writing. You may choose a different set of rules. It is strictly up to you.
Any new writing is of course, writing. Editing, is also writing, even if your word count goes backwards. editing someone else's work also is writing. Critiquing, poetry, article writing, blogging, writing assignments, technical writing, world and character creation, are all writing. Even E-mails can be writing if they are wordy and pertain to story or writing. If you have to ask as to what is writing, the answer is yes.

As for me, I have attacked my story in progress, trying to cut it down to size. At one point, I removed nearly 800 words from it by eliminating a scene, placing the meeting later. I then realized that I left out a key piece of information, so I added two hundred words back in to handle it. I nibbled at other scenes, clipping and correcting as I went. In all, I removed 667 words. The problem is that I need to remove nearly 7 thousand words to get where I need to be. This shrinking editing was supposed to be done back in November!!!
I am giving some thought on the third story in the series and it is not going to be as easy as I hoped. These three stories set up the universe the rest of my hundreds of short stories will happen in.

On the story idea front, I really shrunk the size of the story presentations. they are within synopsis range for the most part. I got a little carried away. since they were small, I was able to belt them out a whole lot faster. I ended up posting 33 story ideas this month, with 37 pages of text, and 22,027 words of pure drivel. It is fun to write. What is more, I start out the year two ideas ahead!! that is always good. It allow for a little wiggle room for a really bad month. I have not had any where I never caught up, but one never knows.

On the woodworking front, not a lot happened. I was given a bunch of tools and spent much of the weekend sorting through them. I got a good start on my toy cannon I am making. I have to locate the book and see how it was built. It would be better than building it by guess and by golly.

As to the question of the week,
I can honestly say,



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