Saturday, January 8, 2011


I started these two projects right after Christmas. These are both Tunisian Crochet using hooks I made myself.

I am surprised I got them done this fast. I still remember the trouble I had getting my first project done back in June.
I did the the wide banded piece first. I wanted to do a multi colored yarn project. I got the idea of doing three color as I was going. I was not sure if the red and purple would go with the yellow, but went with it and liked the results.

Front of wash cloth

Rear of wash cloth

I had some short balls of yarn left, so I decided to use up some yarn used in other projects and created the four color wash cloth. Again, I did not think that red, yellow, purple and lime green would look good together, but decided to go with it anyway. When I had about three rows of each, I realized this was looking good. I had to attach a new ball of yarn, purchasing red and purple along the way, to finish the project. The red lasted the longest, entering into the edging and the ball finished it up.
I might not let this one go as I think it is pretty.

Front of four color wash cloth

back of four color wash cloth

If I were to do this again, I might do two rows of each color so the back would look a little better.

I have a light blue project on the hook in my car right now using Tunisian crochet. I might continue to make wash cloths there, but will now work on teddy bear clothing at home.

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