Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Stuff...

I have a lot of catching up to do here. Today is a snowy day, and while I will be busy writing later, I thought I would spend the morning posting a blog entry. With the weather outside being 'frightful again, Max has the right idea. Find a quiet spot and just hang out for a while...

All of the pictures here are from early November.

Lee and I hit a thrift store and lo and behold they had a big basket of mixed yarn. So I grabbed some, because one can never have too much yarn... These are the blues and a sort of green tinted yellow. Could be chartreuse but it's rather a muted color. All are being used for projects right now. Gee, did they put enough price stickers on them? LOL

The browns. I am always drawn to earthy colors. Yes I know this is all acrylic, but it is inexpensive, wears like iron, recycles something that's not winding up in a landfill and is raising money for a charity. It's great for toys, and things that will see a lot of use, like seat cushions.

I did cop three skeins of wool too. Not my favorite colors, but enough to do something with. They will blend OK, as the ombre has some light purple in it.

Another find was these sweet little votive candle holders.

I don't buy books for myself too often as I already have a couple dozen unread titles hanging around, but 4 little pulp titles called to me. I gave the Burroughs and Fleming to Lee to read first. I think he's read the Mars book before. I have always been an Andre Norton fan, and will get to those... eventually.

Whenever I find pattern books in reasonably usable shape, I grab them for a friend who quilts.

This short little scarf was made with yarn from a thrifting run back in October. I bought a couple mixed bags and these were in there. It is just long enough to go around the neck and tuck into a jacket. Very soft too.

A close up of the stitching. Just simple single crochet. Took several days to finish but it was a happy, sort of mindless project. Good for doing while watching TV.

Once fall starts in earnest, and I am spending evenings in front of the TV with family, I will usually get out the crochet hooks and get down to work. This scarf was a UFO that I started for Lee a couple years ago, and worked on when we were on the road at doc appointments and such. I finally finished it this fall. It had languished in my crochet tote bag for quite a while!

A closeup of the same scarf. I was trying to emulate ocean waves, but came up with this pattern instead of a ripple. I kind of like it! There's enough length in this one that it can be double wrapped.

I have a lot more pictures to post, just haven't had the time to get to them. I will be posting them randomly as I go along. I generally date the folders they are in, so I at least know roughly when they were taken.

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