Friday, January 27, 2012

New Book News For Nancy!!!!

Yeah, it's happened again folks. I have a new book out! This one is an anthology collection of three stories. So here it is:


This is a collection of three previously never released short stories set in the same world as FORTUNE'S PAWN but in a different time and area. If you like rousing adventures in a backdrop of a big fantasy world where magic and faith often collide, then this is the book for you. Available right now on 
Createspace & 

This is something you're not going to want to miss!

And along with this book, I am launching my Pro Se Press imprint HANSEN'S WAY. This is going to help me get into print all those short stories based in the same world as FORTUNE'S PAWN. I have 5 individual series that will be running under that banner, and right now the plan it to release at least two of those per calendar year, along with a full length novel. And you are really getting a bargain too, because those anthologies will all be novel length. Lots of good reading there, and perhaps down the road some guest writers will come play in my world. 

Now if you'd like to know more about the book, you can click this link:  and read about it. And if you'd care to read an interview with Your's Truly, take a peek at this:

I have a lot of fantastic writing things going on right now. 

Not too long ago, I was given a battlefield promotion and am now Assistant Editor for Pro Se Press which you can read about here:  And you should read it, because there is news on there about our one and only Lee Houston Jr. and his new position as well. 

Lots of really awesome news these days! 

Additionally, I just finished my second pass of the book that will be the sequel to FORTUNE'S PAWN today and turned it over to Lee's capable hands for editing. When it comes back, I will make one final read through and send it off. That book will be announced later this year.

And... Lee and I will be on a local radio program for an interview late next month. My understanding is that the show will be taped and archived for a while, and it's available online. So as we get closer to that date, I will have more information up here for you.

Additionally, Lee and I have both been nominated for some PULP ARK AWARDS this year. If you read through the list you will see that both my novel FORTUNE'S PAWN and Lee's book HUGH MONN PRIVATE DETECTIVE have garnered nominations. Additionally, the wonderful Peter Cooper artwork from my short story THE SILVER PENTACLE: TO KINDLE A FIRE was nominated. And Your's Truly somehow got on the ballot for best author, which is a surprise and an honor, looking at the field of talent there with me. 

And I've neglected to mention (because I've been so darn busy) that both Lee and I have signed on to do New Pulp versions of old pulp stories reprinted by Altus Press This new collaboration between Pro Se and Altus is being titled PULP OBSCURA, because we are bringing back to life old pulp characters that never had more than a few stories written about them—with brand new tales in multi-author anthologies. You can read all about that here:

So yeah, 2012 is starting out as a banner year, writing wise. Also a very, very busy one. 


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