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Did You Write? Jan. 23, 2012

Did You Write? Jan. 23, 2012

It is that time of the week again to tell about what is going on in your life and what is going on with your writing, and what life is interfering with your achieving your goals.
The idea is that if you post regularly, you will be able to use the perceived public shame to force you to develop good habits.
We don't care how much you write. If it is more than you would have before you started posting, the better we like it. Just opening a project to read is sometimes enough.

What is writing is not really important. We all know new writing is writing, but so is editing, even if it is the work of others. Critiquing is a form of editing and that also counts. Poetry, blogging, articles, writing assignments, Synopsis, Query letters, technical writing, world or character development are all writing. Even E-mails and Bulletin board posts can be writing, as long as they are very wordy and pertain to writing or story. If you have to ask if it is writing, the answer will always be yes.

I have had a lot of life interfering with my writing. I accomplished very little. I did write a two page plot line for my Spirit of Vengeance two. My original version was basically the moments leading up to a big fight. No real story. I started writing a new version based on things that developed in the first story which I sent off to the publisher. I saw that it was going to need more guidance than just writing it out, so this week, I wrote out a two page plot for the story. It is not quite right but is close.
The problem with my writing, which I have always had, is that I never give my characters a chance to fail. they aim for the problem and then skirt it and come out happily ever after. In this plot line, I want to be a bit sadistic for my character so that failure on a number of fronts will be possible. I am after having the most pressing problem solved, but know that there are other problems to deal with. I don't want TO BE CONTINUED, but also have "expect more."

I am keeping up on the story ideas. I am now running late so I don't have time to do a compost pile count. I know it is over 45 but am not going to count to find out how much more.

As to the question of the day



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