Saturday, January 14, 2012


I've not been doing too much on crochet as of late. I finally finished a piece I worked on in the truck. When I first learned Granny Squares, I decided to make one using triple crochet to see if it would work. I did not go very far with it. I located that attempt and made a double crochet granny square around it. It turned out to be a bit floppy inside, but I kept going. that piece is finally finished.

My latest granny square. the yellow center was triple crochet and I did not adjust for the extra size so it is a little floppy.

I now need to get off my duff and start assembling my little blanket as the mother that I am making this for is due in a couple months. These are not all the same size so I figure I will adjust for that when I link them together.

All my finished squares laid out.

My plan is to make the whole thing bigger by building a single color field around all the squares. I planned on using navy blue for my background color, but I laid out my blue and my red yarns, and found I had a lot more red yarn to work with.

My red and blue yarn together. Notice I have ore red yarn than blue yarn.

I do not know how much yarn this will use so I will go for what I have a lot of and see how it comes out. I have several skeins of yarn of a close but not quite right red that I can also use if needed.

All my red yarn, including off color yarns I can work with .

Since my squares are not all at the same size, I will adjust with the border between them. For a baby blanket, it really does not have to be much bigger than it is.

I have some small squares that I will work in the car to make them as big as the others. I figure I will have them done before I get the blanket finished to a point where I will need them.

small squares I need to enlarge.

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