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week 626 Wood Working.

Year 11, Week 52, Day One (week 626) (January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.) 01-07-12 Saturday

54 degrees early morning, 60 degrees when I got out back, 74 degrees as the high. Blue skies as far as I could see. In this weather, at least in the morning, it is easy to spot the natives and the Snow Birds. The Snow Birds dress like they are in the tropics... This weather report is brought to you by the City of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

Yesterday, I stood half the day making blueprints and my feet decided I was on them too long. Today, I could feel it to some degree all day long. Last week when I was on my feet all day long, my feet recovered the next day. I guess I was on my feet more yesterday than last weekend. My feet seemed to mostly recover by the end of the day.

We went Yard sailing. Actually only one yard sale. I spent more than I should have.
I picked up two stylized dragons. They were pretty and I decided to get them. I spent far more on them than I should have. I think they are pretty.

Two dragons. I had to re-shape the legs for them to stand properly.

I got some audio cables, not that I am desperate to use them.

Audio cable

I then got a printer/fax/scanner. The printer I have been using has some problems with the print head. It is gummed up. I got it working once but it stopped up again. This printer was very inexpensive, cheaper than the ink at the store. I have needed a printer for a while and like having the scanner function. It also will take camera memory cards too. Now I have to make sure I don't drop it on the floor like I did the other really good printer I once had....

This is the new printer set in its little cubby hole. I still have to clean up the mess caused by moving stuff around to make room for it as it is bigger than the one I was using..

The shelf bracket of my freezer broke this week. You would be surprised at how much space you lose when that happens. I picked up some ARM AND HAMMER BAKING SODA and dug out my super glue.
Refrigerate your super glue. It will stay good for years or even decades. I had gotten a super glue kit at around the year 2000, and stuck it in the refrigerator. Just recently, I started using the glue.
The plastic of the refrigerator did not conducive to super glue. I had to add accelerator to the joint, the glue on one side and the accelerator on the other and held them together till it was solid. I then added the baking soda and glue, layering it up thick. The baking soda becomes like concrete with the super glue. It is hard to get a stronger joint than this.
I built up the soda glue mixture on both sides, but not in a way to interfere with how it locked into place on the door.
I since installed it back in the freezer and it works nicely. It feels as strong as the other side that was not broken.
I have another bracket that needs repair and might do that tomorrow. Will see.

The freezer bracket with the broken end.

Two views of the repaired bracket. the roughness that can be seen are not in a place to make a difference in its use. That it fits and it holds is all that I care about.

I decided the sand paper on my disk sander needed to be replaced. I had picked up some sand paper last week. The previous time I replaced the sand paper, I had problems with it staying on. This time, I struggled to get the sand paper off. I basically shredded the sand paper in getting it off. It was some work. I finally got the disk clean and installed the next sheet of sandpaper.
I like the course, 100 grit, sand paper for most work. 60 grit is even better for two reasons. Usually, we are horsing off wood to get something square and straight. The other is that when the sandpaper gets clogged, the course sand paper will continue to sand a whole lot longer.
I drew "fingers" on the dragon wings, then used the new sandpaper to remove the drawings, twice. I wanted to see if I could get the surface smoother. Nope.

I finished another granny square in crochet. I need to lay out all my granny squares to see what size baby blanket I can make and to see whether I need to make more to square it up. I also like to need to figure out how much needs to be filled in between the squares.
I started a new square today but messed up, it was not coming out square because of a small error that caused more errors on later rows. I pulled it out and will try again later.

Since I am working on Fridays now, I went to the Antique shop today. I disassembled my display completely, swept the floor around it, and set up the display differently. I don't particularly like it, but it is different and that was what I really was after. Changing it around each time makes it look new again.

The display at the antique shop. The image on the left is the way I had it last month. the right hand picture shows how it looks today. Not really much different now that I see the two pictures together. Just a few things were moved around.

At the thrift shop, I saw a drill press attachment for a Dremmel for twenty bucks. I have to talk to my brother and if it is something he would make use of. It would be nice to have, but not really useful as we have small drill presses and big drill presses. I am thinking that it might be useful with the lathe, holding the dremmel while we machine stuff with the grinding bits. I will see.

I played around all day today.
Tomorrow I must start carving on the dragon. I could mount the face vase on the lathe, but I am thinking more that the dragon is farther along and will take a bit of time. Also I get to sit all day long too. I must get some production and now. I don't really have that many weekends to have these two projects done and they are time consuming.

I will see what I actually do tomorrow.

Year 11, Week 53, Day Two (week 626) (January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.) 01-08-12 Sunday

54 degrees early morning, 65 when I got out back, 76 degrees late in the day. Blue skies, sunny, fibrous wisps of clouds soldering across the sky. If there was a wind, I did not notice it. This weather report was brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

I set up the printer last night and it works wonderfully. It is one nice machine. I found out that each of the inks costs more than the printer. I did not have enough money on me so I held off on getting more ink. I will have spares soon while I have some money to spend.

I stopped at a yard sale on the way to Mom's house.
He had a dozen or so bow style hand saws. He said he left them outside a little bit. I ended up with three of them. When I removed the plastic blade shield and the protected side was in good condition. I sanded the rust off the exposed side on all three blades.
I then took a piece of Norfolk Island Pine wood and cut a slab off it as a test of the blades. Using the saws to cut some wood really cleaned the blades up. I sprayed them with WD 40 and put them away.
I have used hand saws before and this was the best test of the blades I have done. It is still a lot of work.
The blade wandered a little while I was cutting from different sides and ends, so I finished my cut on the band saw.
Three saws with blade guards. The still had plastic held in part of the handle.

The saws I got at the yard sale

The saw in use cutting a slab off a block of Norfolk Island Pine.

The slab of wood and the bock of wood it came from
That layered section was where I used the band saw to finish it off since the saw had wandered.

He had some weight lifting weights. I gave my brother two ten pound disks and a five pound disk which he may machine into face plates for his lathe. I kept two plastic covered lead weights of five pound each. they will end up beneath my lathe to help hold it down when turning off center wood.

These are the weights I got. The three metal weights went to my brother, the two large ones are ten pounds, the three small ones are five pounds.

I got some storage jars with the bail clasps on the lids. I have uses for that kind of container.

These jars will be put to use fairly quickly.

I got to Mom's house and fed the cats and the female pigeon that comes over. she has gotten used to us and will come quite close, though she is wary when she does.

I started carving on my dragon wings. I marred the surface t show what had to be cut in, and then decided I would RE-SAW the wing to make it two thin sheets I drew a line about half way all the way around the edges and then set it up on end on the band saw and carefully followed the lines as I pushed it through. I did quite well on the cut. a quick sanding on the cut side showed that there was no really noticeable wandering. Since the wings will be carved on both sides, any variation of thickness or blade wandering will disappear.

The re-sawed wings and the original mating wing. The two wings with a tiny bit of carving done on them.

I had bit that I had machined the shaft to fit into my Fordum. I found this morning that it would not go into the dremmel chuck. I took out several of my grinding disks for the Dremmel and turned the piece in my hand while waving the grinding disk over the shaft to cut it down. Some grinding disks get eaten up faster than others. When I finally got it to the size to fit the Dremmel Chuck, I put it to use.
this bit has sharp long spikes that eat up wood nicely. It is also broad which covers more surface area that it cuts. It was doing great at cutting into the wood, and shaping it. I am not exactly sure how it happened, but it like got a catch and bent ever so slightly and started vibrating badly.
The metal of the shaft is not designed to be that thin for the forces the bit goes under. It was originally to be used in a fast drill. I will have to straighten it out before I can use it again unless I use a very slow speed.

I carved a bit on the dragon but not enough for anybody to notice. I have that worry that if I do something wrong it might be very difficult to correct. Once I commit myself, the carving will go fast.

Mom had trimmed back a tiny Cleardendon tree that had gone through the bottom of the pot. The main trunk died, but several of them came up from the root. I cut the main trunk off with a jig saw and then carved a little man out of part of it.

Little man made of Cleardendron. I sprayed it with WD-40 to bring out some of the colors of the wood.

I did not accomplish anything like I had hoped. My feet bothered me a little from the past few days of being on them too long so I did not do any turning which might have had more to show for my day.
Next week I MUST get production on my carving. both the face vase and the dragon are going to take a number of weeks even if I am very efficient in my carving. I don't have enough weeks to waste.

I will see what I actually do next week.

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