Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A new Pro Se Magazine, with a story by Your's Truly inside!!!!


The second Pro Se Presents magazine is out and it contains the first story of my brand new Silver Pentacle series. This one is a real departure for me because it is somewhat post apocalyptic superheroes meets time traveling demigod in a devastated earth where the fabric and time and space has been ripped apart and all sorts of interesting things are happening. Yeah, it's strange, but in an entertaining way. Plenty of action and mayhem, and some very interesting personages show up throughout the series. The most atypical fantasy thing I've ever written, and folks I've written my share of weird stuff. Go check it out because the artwork is superb, and there is another amazing story by a dynamic duo of authors in there that debuts a brand new pulp hero. Pick one up because you won't be disappointed!

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