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Week 612 Woodworking

Year 11, Week 38, Day One (week 612) (January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.) `10-01-11 Saturday

92 degrees, early morning blue sky with milk smears. afternoon solid puffs slipping across the sky. Light breeze and sunshine nearly all day long. This Weather report was brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.


My writing partner and dear friend sent me a birthday package. She was waiting for her book to hit the market so she could include it. She was told it would be out in June and it ended up being out mid August. I am already half way through reading her book and I am stealing minutes here and there to read it.
Another friend that lives in her area sent me a book on Dragons. I have to go through that as it might give me some ideas on the dragon I am carving.
I also got flavored tea, flavor coffees, a candle (jar broke) and a few other little things. I was all grins after I got the package. She also included something she needed copied in wood.

A book on Dragon given to my by Lee

FORTUNE'S PAWN, Given to me by Nancy
Written by Nancy
I finished reading it this weekend. fantastic.


This was the day to visit the antique shop for the month. I worked half a day on Friday for the first time in years. I left work and headed directly to the antique shop.
I re-arranged the display. I had brought some napkins to put into my ducks, chicken, and turkey to show better how they might be used. In the bag of napkins and plastic silverware, I found I had earlier included some table cloths. I wrapped the box with a small sheet of table cloth and laid a bit one down on the floor for my pieces to sit on. I then carefully placed everything in a different arrangement. It looked nice.

End view of my woodworking display, as seen as you approach it.

front view of my woodworking display at the antique shop.

I went to a thrift shop in the area and ended up getting nearly 110 quilting magazines. I will ship them out to my sister in Seattle. She is learning quilting and shows talent. I figure she might learn a lot from the magazines.


After breakfast we hit several yard sales. At one, I picked up a watch. At another, I got a keyboard and a power switch platform for a computer, and a pair of gargoyle figurines. At a third, I picked up an insulated pitcher and a pair of re-write-able CDs. I did not spend much money for all of that.

rear side of gargoyle candle holders

Front side of gargoyle candle holders

Insulated pitcher- I have one just like it at work, these are great

Watch, a good one too

Windows 98 installation set

computer keyboard

switch box. Set computer on top and plug equipment into it for easy off

rewriteable CDs.

After feeding and petting the cats, I got my equipment out. Because we spent a lot of time yard sailing, It was about time to make a phone call. That took a while. The beast of the back yard did not mind as I was there to pet him and he could sleep at my feet.
During the phone call, I looked at my wood stock for the right kind of wood for a project.

After the call, I set the lathe up and put a piece of mahogany onto the lathe. I measured a few times and then mounted the wood in place between centers. I rounded the four by for wood, and then took more measurements of the piece I was copying and then started turning. I would stop to check what I was doing and then continued.
I was near the end when I realized Mahogany was not the best wood for this projects. It is not hard enough and strong enough wood.
After that, it was time to clean up and get going.

Tomorrow, I might try the muddles again in possibly oak. I will have the little lathe out and might even do some metal working when I want to sit. I have loads of other projects to work on such as the tea pot.
I will see what I actually do tomorrow.

Year 11, Week 38, Day Two (week 612) (January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.) 10-02-11 Sunday

75 degrees in the morning, 86 in the afternoon, nice breeze mixed blue sky with good moving puffs that sometimes blocked the sun. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

After petting and feeding the cats, I dug my equipment out. I decided that the Mahogany masher I made were too soft a wood. I had to search, but I found a piece of Oak I had that originally came from a pallet. I measured, and re-measured, and marked the wood. I sliced off two slabs to bring it down to size and to save as much wood as possible. The pieces I cut off had flaws and nail holes in them. I have uses for them later.

I mounted my oak blank onto the lathe and shaped it. It went easy as I was only doing one. Yesterday, I did two, with the heads of the mashers in the center. When I got one handle made, a bounce developed in the center because the completed handle was not as strong as the rest of the wood.
I had the head of the masher at the tail stock so I sanded as I went so I did not mess with the finished end much afterwards. Other than a little bit of touch up on the ends, It was completed on the lathe. I touched up the ends a bit later.

the left hand plunger is the original I was copying.
the two in the center are made of mahogany and were what I made Saturday.
the right hand plunger is made of oak and was what I made Sunday.

After I put the big lathe away, I sat down with the little machine lathe and machined a piece of black walnut and made it into a rod. I cannot find it right now, but I have a gauge that can tell me the size of my wooden hooks based on known standards. I could not find it so I stopped after I made the rod. I wanted to make it a specific size but did not know which one was missing.

I never got to touch my dragon this weekend. I wanted to work with it even a little so after a few weekends, something would eventually show. I just never got around to it. I think I need to get some clay out and shape it to see if I can solve the leg problem. I will still have to make the separate wings for it too. That will be a bit later.
I never got to the tea pot or the several pieces that need decorating either. I MUST start making new Christmas ornaments and make a bunch of the old ones I am out of.
What I really need to do is become efficient with my time woodworking, less tending the cats and taking the day easy.
It looks like I will be trimming a tree next weekend. It will be hard to get out of it.

I will see what I actually do tomorrow.

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