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October Twenty Fourth, Two Thousand and Eleven, Did you write?

October Twenty Fourth, Two Thousand and Eleven, Did you write?.

Another week to tell about what is going on in your life, and to tell about your writing experiences. The idea is that if you write about your life each week, you will be forced to tell about what you wrote and how much, or more importantly, what you did not write and why. the hope is that the shame of too many weeks of "no I did not write" will add up into action of opening something, anything, to give a positive report.

How much is written is unimportant, especially if you are editing rather than writing fresh.
New writing, of course, is writing. So is editing, even if it is the work of others, along with Critiquing which is also writing. Poetry, blogging, technical writing, writing assignments, articles, world or character creation, are all forms of writing. Bulletin boards and E-mails can also be writing if they are very wordy and pertain to story or writing. If you have to ask if it is writing, our answer is always yes. Of course, many of us won't count much of the above as writing, but they are mainly just suggestions.

I am working on the re-working of my Spirit of Vengeance story. I have added a couple scenes along with expanding on others. I know the story is good, It is just a problem of getting the final editing up to a publishable level. I have had one page to go, for the past three pages I have added. Once I get to the end, I will then do a pass to clan up any dangling sentences I had left, and then one or two more passes to clean up the writing. As it is, I added two pages and nearly a thousand words. I am thinking I may have to add four more pages to the story to get it finished.

On the story idea front, I have 35 story ideas in the compost pile. I have come up with new ideas over the week but not enough. I used them and some of the ones on top the stack, so the count dropped. I am keeping up with the date, though. I generally collect the ideas for several days, Monday to Thursday or Friday, and then post them in a block. During the weekend, I tend to get the posts each day. It is not the way I want to do it but to have time to write and do a few other things, that is how I have to do it.

My brother and my nephew just melted some aluminum. It was a test of concept to see if they could melt it and come up with a solid block. It works nice. Now we need to come up with forms and patterns to pour the liquid aluminum into for our projects. We would pour it into the molds and then machine it to the final dimensions.
I did some tests with the aluminum and found it to be like a hard wood but without the grain. I need some nice sized blocks for a couple projects that I would have to work in steel if I did not get the aluminum. Steel is harder to work.
My mother had a fountain inside half an oak barrel. The lower metal band broke up and the upper band slipped down. We tried to get the ring in place and that failed, so we ended up stacking some "stone" to make a curved wall that represents the well. the roof with the crank now stands over that and while it does not look perfect, it does look something like a stone well. It was a fun project to play with.

AS to the question of the day,

I can honestly say,



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