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Did You Write? October 17th, 2011

Did You Write? October 17th, 2011

What? Another Monday? I just barely got started writing!!! I bet it is as much a surprise for many of you also. It may have been such a surprise as you have not started writing yet. You do have the right to postpone posting here to get something on paper so you can report that you wrote. Of course, you will be faced with the same problem next week and you must ask yourself if you are using the new week's writing to get last week's writing reported.
I ask that you post here, whether you write or not. tell a little about what is going on in your life so you have something to post. I then hope that the shame of not writing this week will get you to write next week and there after. Hopefully, if you do it enough weekends, you will develop it into a habit

How much you write does not matter. Many write every week and one might post that you did not meet your weekly goals. you can then use the shame of not meeting your goal to push you to write more.
with the rest of us, just opening a work in progress or writing a few words of an idea for a new story will be plenty.

As to what is writing, all new writing is writing. Editing is also writing even if it is the work of others. Critiquing is a form of writing and counts. So is poetry, blogging, technical writing, articles, writing assignments, world or character creation, and even E-mails and board posts can be writing if they are very wordy and pertain to writing or story. In essence, if you have to ask if it is writing, our answer is yes.

Yes, I did write. I am reworking my SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE story, filling in some missing detail to explain what is going on. I am cleaning up some sections and adding new passages. I just tackled a scene I was going to avoid, but I thought of a different way to handle it. I still have another page to go through, but I have added 2400 words this week, which is about five pages. It has been an excellent writing time. I do have heavy cleanup of what I have done, but it is coming along nicely. It was one of those week where I wished I had more writing time.

On the story idea front, I am up to date and have 39 story ideas in my compost pile. The story idea I posted in the post last week, ended up being a story idea, I liked it too much. If I get desperate for concepts to post, I may mine previous posts I have done over the past year for those ideas that look good. I did that once before. I don't count them until they are posted. Some of the top stories on my stack right now look like they are good to write.

I had a "Mom" weekend where I had to help her do some stuff. We were heavy into model railroading years ago. My mom was building a railroad layout in her back yard, then lost interest after my dad died. This weekend, we took the railroad out. The cats loved hiding under and within it. With it gone, the scenery changed.
I also did a little machining. I am making a part for a machine lathe, using the lathe to make it. We can place the motor assembly on a post so it works like a drill press to do milling. the cutting bit spins and the part is moved into the milling bit to do the cutting.
I have a slot to cut on the end of the piece of metal but cannot hold the metal in place to cut it. I figured out that I can cut a slot in the side of the chunk and use that slow for my clamps to hold the piece in place. I had heard that one can use a wood working router bit to cut soft metal so that is what I am using to cut this slot. It works. There are a couple chips in the edge but it does cut the metal. They are a whole lot cheaper than the bits designed for cutting metal.
While I did not finish cutting the slot, I have done something on that project. It was wet all day long so I got some project done in the time I was there.

To use the mention above for a story idea,
The civilization had created the solar system as part of an experiment, a hobby. they made the star by warping space to bring planetoids to one spot until they had enough for it to become a star. they then used the same technique to place planets around the star.
The people of the home planets always had that star close by to look at. the bright red color added a slight tint to the night skies.
After a time, the civilization lost interest in their created solar system and merchants used it as a base for their space stations as transportation rules were lax in comparison.
The civilization decided they could use that travel way better. that region of space would be better served with other things.
The merchants relocated their space stations to a safe district in the nearby space and the civilization took to dismantling the solar system, using methods similar to how they created it, warping space to shift the parts to new locations. some asteroids and moonlets were relocated to be mined, while planets were split using matching space warps to disassemble them. A space warp was created that linked to the middle of a nebula and the star's materials were "piped" into the nebula like a jet, dissipated wide enough not to really effect the dust cloud to any observer.
After the solar system was gone, the people sort of missed it, but that section of space looked pretty with stars they had difficulty seeing before. While they missed it, they knew it was for the better.

As to the Question of the week,



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