Monday, September 19, 2011

Did You Write? September-19-2011

Did You Write? September-19-2011

Another week to practice writing notes about your life, and in the process, mentioning how you have done in your writing. Posting is an important habit so you can shame yourself into opening your work in progress just so you can say you also wrote.

How much you write does not matter. It could be one work or ten thousand words. Word counts are fun to brag about but we all have had sessions where we rewrote a section that was not working so our final word count looked like we were wasting our time in spite of writing thousands of words.

We all know that new writing is writing. Editing is also writing, even when it is the work of others. Critiquing is also writing, just as Poetry, blogging, technical writing, articles, writing assignments, world and character creation. BBS posts and E-mails can be writing if they are wordy and pertain to story or writing.
In essence, if you have to ask if it is writing, it is.

As for me, I did write. Not as much as I hoped. I had fired my spirit of Vengeance one and two off to a friend. I finally got it back. His suggestions are very valid with only a bit of disagreement with names. He is a comic book fan and knew obscure information about names used in publications I never even knew about. I will let the publisher worry about that. I started the editing based on his suggestions, but have not had time to get back to it. It will cause some changes in the story. One thing I hate is that my best editing was not all that good.

I have 36 story ideas in my compost pile. I've been getting ideas, but not at a really fast clip. I did post tonight's story idea on Friday. That helped as I did not have the time during the weekend.

On the Question of the week,

I can honestly say,



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