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July fourth twenty twelve, Did You Write?

July fourth twenty twelve, Did You Write?

"How many countries have a July Fourth? All of them. Happy Independence day...

Another week has ended and it is time to report activities in life and in writing. By reporting, even if one does not write, one has an incentive to write something so you can give a positive report.

We all love to use word counts to report our writing, but there are a number of reasons we might not look good on our word counts. We all know of times where we have zapped a section as it was not working and rewrote it. We also know that when editing, one might actually be reducing the words rather than increasing them.

What is writing is quite open. We all know all new writing is writing. Editing, even the work of others is also writing. Critiquing is also a form of writing and counts. Poetry, technical writing, writing assignments, articles, blogging, world and character creation are all forms of writing, along with E-mails if they are wordy and pertain to story or writing. If you have to ask if it is writing, the answer is yes.

I have not had the best of time writing this week. A lot of interruptions have come into play, along with a lot of overtime work. It looks good on the pay check but horrible on screen. I am playing several exciting or challenging scenes so it is going slower than expected with that. All that amounted to a pathetic amount of writing.

On the story idea front, I did pretty good for the Month of June. For the 30 story ideas I posted. I ended on page 34 with 20058 words. That is not too bad. I had a couple ideas that are really good. One I would love to write if I had the time. Others, well, they fill a space and I cannot ask more than that.

A discussion with my brother suggested a whole line of story ideas we can explore.
Consider a world where all the cities are on the water or under water. Each type of city has problems and solutions we can exploit with glee. Underwater cities have to have a way to get supplies and people to the surface in some way. Questions one must ask are whether they are floating and tethered, or set right in the sea bed. How do they handle earthquakes and tsunamis. How do they handle leaks. Does part of the city break the sea surface or is it totally under water.
Surface cities have to have a design for floating. are they mobile or tethered? how do they handle storms like hurricanes or tidal waves? Are the floating cities stationary with some land feature or floating around like a ship?
With either type city, is the crews military like navy or astronauts or private like city utility workers.
All these questions and others can give a great story as something goes wrong.
Now all these questions can also be for in space too, but with different questions or solutions. What was learned in long term submarine experiments were used on the space program as it came later.

As to the question of the week,
I can honestly say,



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