Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011 Did You Write?

July 18, 2011 Did You Write?

I am running really late so have to make this a short post.
This note is an attempt to entice those of us who write only occasionally, to write regularly. The way it is supposed to work is that you post here, whether you write or not, telling about what is going on in your life. You will feel guilty about saying that you did not write, so the next week, you will open some work in progress so you can report positively. Keep doing that every week and you end up with a good habit of writing every week.

The rules of writing is that if you have to ask if it is writing, the answer is always yes. We don't care how much is written as long as the work is opened up.

As for me, I added ONLY 4 pages to my Waxy Dragon 4 story. Time got in the way. This weekend, my writing partner suggested something that would help the story and thinking about what she said, I came up with a cute solution. I just checked with her and it is a go. The only thing I have to do is to solve the details. I think it will be fun to write about.

I had gone the past couple weeks without coming up with more than a couple story ideas. I have had to dig deeply into the compost pile for something to post. While there were a few gems, several stank as one would expect when one pulls something from a compost pile.
Sunday, in a half hour period, I came up with five story ideas! that is always a heady experience. I end up with a compost pile of 35 story ideas in the pile. The top four are fresh.

I am trying to crochet a pig toy. I am starting at the nose and it I cannot seem to get it flat. The way to look at this, is someone trying to create a new creature, possibly from the genetic level, that cannot get the details right on the first step for the whole thing to come out right. Once this first part gets going good, the rest of the creation will flow from there.

As to the question of the week,
I can honestly say,



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