Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend Catch-Up on the Farm

I have a lot of pictures to post from that weekend, where I spent Thursday afternoon through Sunday afternoon at the farm. I will try to get through them briefly, but you know me, I love to write and explain things...

The garden was doing well!
It was the kind of hot weekend warm weather veggies love.

Tomatoes are doing super this year, lots of sunshine.

Summer Squash has really grown well too.

Winter squash and pumpkins are really spreading now.

Finally getting blossoms on my melons.

Cucumbers climbing the trellis.

I started corn in pots (actually empty pudding cups) and left them under cover in the office, which stays warm and has a sunny window.

Lots of wildlife shots that weekend too. Being there around the clock gives you a better idea of what is really out there.



Bunny antics and 2fers...

I'm the best looking Robin on this place!

Cedar Waxwings...

An Eastern Kingbird...

Male Red Wing Blackbirds...

Unidentified Flying Object (likely a house sparrow)

More 'bunny business' (nom, nom, nom, weeds good!)

The catbird seat is apparently on the cucumber trellis...

Ready the taxiway! Coming in for a landing!

Shh! I iz 'neakin' upz on sum klowverz!

A doe came calling at sunset. Shot from the landing by the house...

More bunny tails... er... tales...

Baby barn swallows in the garage. They learned to fly the following week and are now gone. :(

An unexpected visitor, a coyote came calling around 8 AM Saturday morning. It did not run off when I stepped outdoors to take pictures in my bathrobe! 

We moved my dual fuel, double oven range over, and it is partially connected. I can use the gas burners. The kitchen now looks occupied. The black fridge is a temporary and will be going to the kids when we bring over my big one.

Last of all, I leave you with some sky drama...


I always wonder where people are going!

Why would I want to leave this? I don't!

The end of another perfect weekend, at the farm.

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