Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 632 Wood Working

Year 12, Week 6, Day One (week 632)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
08-26-12 Sunday
windy, wet with squall lines passing through, all to the thanks of Tropical Storm Isaac. The ground in the area I work is wet, and spray is pushed quite high. Not weather for working outside. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism and the National Hurricane council.

The past two weeks, I made a pair of drum sticks for a drummer who gave me some wood. I gave him the sticks last night. He said they were a bit thicker than normal, and they could have been longer. Otherwise he liked them. I checked them after he was done with the session and there were dents in the wood but no chips like the ones left by the Sunday service drummer who hits harder. I kept one broken drum stick to use as a guide for when I make more.

Today, I could have sat out under the awning and carved, but the strong winds and heavy rains would have made it a little miserable. In the heavy downpours, water backs up beneath the awning for a while before it drains off.

The crosses I made a few weeks ago, are now up on the walls of the church. From the normal viewing distance, they look commercial. Only when you get up close that you see the flaws in them.

I had picked up some cotton last weekend and I've made two Dish cloths. One I made yesterday start to finish. They look good. I had fabric left over from a third dishcloth I made so I fed that into the pair as stripes. It came out pretty good. I wanted to do that with a fourth one but the yarn I am working with is too close in color for the effect I am after.

I took a load of stuff home this week in preparation to moving back into my own place. I have several more loads to do before I am ready. There are things I need at home when I go there, and things I can move out now, so that is the process. I am also sorting my piles of stuff between WOODWORKING, HOME, and stay in the TRUCK stuff.

Next weekend should be a whole lot better weather. I hope to get some work done.

finished drum sticks
 cross on the front of the church
cross on the side wall of the church  

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