Friday, August 10, 2012


This is a "finished" piece I got in a yarn stash I picked up at a yard sale. I started edging it and got the spacing wrong, causing wrinkles.  

During my recovery, I filled some of my time with crochet. I had some hooks and a little yarn at work and started working yarn to help occupy my time and have something to show for it. I don't have the pictures available of all I worked while rehabilitating. I do have some pieces.

 This is one of my pieces where I kept running out of yarn as I worked. I was not sure of the colors, but others liked them. I intended to make it bigger but left therapy before I could do more.

 This is a  wash cloth in cotton using front post stitch. the back side looks the same.  I went 40 stitches across and I ran out of yarn on that ball.

 This is a granny square I made in therapy. It went fast. In the lower right hand corner, you will see a short bit of blue., I ran out of yarn and used the blue to finish it up. I never decided whether to continue it or not in that color. It was big enough at the time.

 This is a cotton washcloth. I worked forty stitches across and ran out of yarn, calling it done.

 This is a granny square. I was experimenting with two stitches in each hole and one chain between holes. It came out pretty good, though because I was working tight, I got wrinkles in it.

At a yard sale, I picked up this batch of knitting needles. A few are broken which will make for good crochet hooks. I guess I should start learning knitting.....

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