Sunday, August 26, 2012


I have been on a tear on making cotton dish cloths.

 Tunisian Crochet with two bands of a second yarn, the remains of both yarns made up the edging and the loop with no yarn to spare.

I combined Tunisian crochet with single crochet, causing strips of Tunisian crochet to face the opposite sides. The edging is stepped length stitch, half, single, half double, double, half triple and triple, and back down again. 
Using single crochet, I fed in a second yarn in strips
Since I had more of the yarn left, I made a second mate to the first. 
Another view of an earlier wash cloth where I created the wave stitch by using half single, single, half double, double, half triple, triple and back down stitches, then reversing it on the next pass.
 Tunisian crochet with a larger hook. Note I used the leftover yarn to make the bands in the cloth on the right.

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