Friday, August 3, 2012

My Latest Anthology Collection Is Now Available!

And just look at this gorgeous cover by the very talented David Russell with new streamlined logo and layout by Pro Se's setup guru, Sean Ali!

If you love action adventure tales with a strong female lead in a fantasy world backdrop filled with magic, mythical beings, danger, intrigue, and monsters, this is your book. There are five short stories in this book set in the same world as my previous releases, FORTUNE'S PAWN and TALES OF THE VAGABOND BARDS. I guarantee these stories will keep you turning pages wondering what's going to happen next. Just read the press release from Pro Se and you'll know how excited they were about this one: 

Right now, Pro Se Press is offering a FREE BOOK PROMOTION! If you order a copy of THE HUNTRESS OF GREENWOOD from Amazon at between now and 12:01 AM Monday, and send your receipt to, you will receive the digital ebook of my last collection, TALES OF THE VAGABOND BARDS, and a digital copy of every issue of PRO SE PRESENTS I have had a story in! That's right, a bunch of free digital reading for your purchase of my latest work, THE HUNTRESS OF GREENWOOD! It's a fantastic offer, but limited, so take advantage of that now folks! 

Put some New Pulp action back into your day. You won't be disappointed! 

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