Saturday, August 6, 2011

Really Exciting News for Readers!

Hey peeps that read this blog... do you love action adventure stories without a lot of fluff and fillers? Do you get tired of reading books where you can't tell the good guys from the bad dudes? Do you want your horror stories creepy enough to make your skin crawl and you have to sleep with 2 nightlights? Are you looking for a rip-snorting, roller-coaster ride of a tale where you can't put it down until that final page is read? Well, then you want New Pulp, and we've got it for you at Pro Se Presents, the monthly magazine of brand new pulp tales told in the traditional style, but for modern audiences. 

You can find all that and more right here on Createspace, which is part of So click this link, and take a look. For about the price of one of those designer coffee shop concoctions, you're going to get several brand new tales by some very talented authors writing in the fast growing field of New Pulp, and you'll be supporting indie publishing to boot. So come and get yours now, and tell them Nancy sent you, OK? 

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