Friday, August 26, 2011

Crochet projects #2

I am editing this post to show what I got this weekend.
I decided it was not worth a brand new note
edited 08-28-11
I've been doing some crochet over the past months. I did some attempts at making a stuffy a stuffed animal and it did not quite work out right. I tried a pig, starting at the snout, and found I need some more experience in crochet, likely making some simple creatures first. Both projects were undone.

stuffy head, eyes just setting it. I undid this right after this picture was taken.

I decided the yellow panel on the front of Snowflake's dress bothered me. I located the end and pulled it out. I started rebuilding the panel using the same colored yarn as the dress was made from. I ended up pulling it out four times, correcting how to do it to get it right. My lack of experience showed I had a little problem in the design, it would fit well for a pregnant teddy bear. I turned the excess fabric into a pleat to make the design work. I really should have pulled it out one last time, but decided It is going to stay that way. it looks good.

New dress for Snowflake with re-made front.

Another view of Snowflake's new dress with remade front panel.

Ne dress from the side before I finished up the loose ends.

A couple months ago, I got a five pound bag of yarn. I am now trying to use it up.

I started working on a bag to hold my yarn in the truck. In my last crochet note, I showed the beginning of it. I am doing what is referred to as an ODD BALL, where one ties different colored yarns together into one ball. I finished the body of the bag, and added beads and rods to give the bag some shape.

New hand made buttons. I ended up using the disk buttons for the bag.

just Finished bag body roughly shaped.

I tried to give the bag shape by stitching the corners. as you can see from the bad angles, it did not work.

Finished body of yarn bag. upside down

yarn bag inside out showing ball and rods top and bottom. the bottom ones are inside the bag when normal Notice the knots that are visible in the yarn.

Finished yarn bag body with ball-skewer top button loop and hand made button

mock up of strap half done

I am now making the strap. I did not know how long I needed it to be so I ended up making it longer than it needed to be. I removed a couple colors of stitches and decided that was about the right length. I am now stitching it length way, this time creating stripes of colors rather than blocks of colors of the first pass. I will fold the fabric in half when I have doubled the width for extra strength, then attach it to the bag.

Long strap laid out.

how I worked on the long strap. the flower skewer held the coil together so I could flip piece easily and it not get caught.

mock up of yarn bag strap too long.

A mock-up of the yarn bag strap with the right length strap.

I made this new wooden crochet hooks. After some adjustments, they now work quite well.

I picked up a basket of knitting stuff from a thrift store.

Looking at all my yarn, I realized I should find a project that would use it up. I noticed I had some projects others had started. Among the projects were some granny squares. I also made some when I was learning crochet. I decided to take all those squares and bring them up to the same size, about twelve inches which is the largest squares I have, and then make a bunch more of them, turning them into some form of throw or blanket. I am now on my second square now. I am doing them in different colors just to use up yarn.

New square next to square who's size I am copying. Red center was what I started with.

New square close up view. Red square was what I started with.

New square I am working on. red square is what I am working with.

I eventually will get back to making stuffies, but need to get more experience. I can see things in the stitching now that I did not see when I started the square.

I ran across a church yard sale. they had a bunch of yarn laying there and I had to ask how much. before the person came back with the price, I had already decided I was going to get it. the thought of getting SOME paused only a moment in my mind.

This is how I got it home.

Another view of the bags

All the yarn in one view.

The top table of yarn

bottom shelf of yarn

completed projects that came with the yarn. I am guessing but this may well be knitting.

Another view of the completed projects I got.

I added a handle to a fine (B i think) commercial metal crochet hook.

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