Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guess Whose Book Got Published?!?!

Yep, it finally happened. FORTUNE'S PAWN is out, and you can get a copy for yourself right here: 

If you like fast paced sword & sorcery fantasy with plenty of action, and bigger than life characters you can honestly relate to, this is your book! And thank you in advance for giving it a chance, not just for my sake, but because you're supporting a small independent publisher trying to bring you exactly the kind of stories you crave. I'm proud as heck to be one of the New Pulp authors that are bringing back classic style adventure stories for readers who crave breathtaking, heart-pumping entertainment without all the fluff and preachy psychological overtones. Like a breath of fresh air, these indie imprints are blowing away the conventional wisdom that says a story has to be ponderous and the book big enough to stun a linebacker to be viable. 

Oh, and check out some of our other Pro Se offerings while you're there. Some fine folks write for us. And when you find something you like, tell them Nancy sent you! 

The American Dream lives on folks. Some of us just refuse to let it die. 



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nancy!!!!! Going to order my copy right now - Marianne Sousa - EVC

Nancy said...

Thank you! This has been quite a couple of says for me, so busy I haven't had time to breathe. I hope to get more pictures of the farm up soon, but have been so swamped with stuff... Anyway, hope you enjoy the book.