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Did You Write? 08-22-11

Did You Write? 08-22-11

It is that time again to tell about what is going on in your life, and in the process, about what is going on in your writing. Let us know what is keeping you from writing, or what is helping you to write. How have you done on meeting your goals or failing to reach them.

By posting regularly, you have an incentive to write. After posting a few times, you will start to feel guilty about not meeting your goals or not writing at all, and will try to work a bit harder to meet your goals.

We all love high word counts. It shows that you really have been writing. Word counts are not everything, though. We all have sessions where we remove or rewrite a passage and while you wrote a couple thousand words, you end up with just a small word count increase or even a decrease.
Editing is also writing. One does not get the word count joy you do with fresh writing. If one is aiming for a specific publication, your word count might decrease instead. Also editing someone else's work is also writing. So is critiques. It all counts even if the word count is not there.
Poetry, writing assignments, blogging, articles, technical writing, character and world development is all writing. Even E-mails are writing if they are wordy and pertain to story or writing. If the words are going on paper, it counts. If you have to ask if it is writing, it counts.

As for me. I did not touch my Waxy Dragon 4 story plot. I am still having to get her home and make it exciting.
I had taken on a different type of story, a super hero story under the title of SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE and it almost wrote itself. I came to THE END at page 19 with 6787 words. On that story, I added 1483 words. I sent that off to a friend to get an opinion on it.
I then had a scene for the next story in this series so I ended up writing two pages at 818 words. I have not finalized the plot to this story in my mind, I do have some concepts. That scene wrote itself.
I will admit that I will have a lot of work to do on this SPIRIT story to bring it up to snuff. It is an interesting concept, though.

On the story idea front, I am up to, including what I am posting tonight, 42 story ideas. I came up with seven story ideas this weekend, three of those just today. That is a nice feeling. A couple will have to be written very soon before they start sinking into the pile.

I had taught myself how to crochet. One thing I did was to figure out how to make my own hooks from scratch out of wood. I also have the technology to make them out of metal if I had to.
Anyway, I am aiming to make stuffed creatures, stuffies as they are known, but have to develop my skills before I try that seriously. Right now I am making a bag in crochet, to hold crochet and it is nearly done. I made the button that closes the bag. I just have to finish the strap and attach it for the bag to be finished.
This weekend, I made four crochet hooks. I could have made a lot more but I spent too much time petting the cat.

Using the above for a story idea, She is skilled at knitting. She has made many objects and sold them to help her family. One day, she saw a family that was in dire straights. the little boy hung onto a ratty teddy bear. The girl held a forlorn naked doll.
She and her husband brings the family in. The husband takes the father and older boy out and they do some work while she cleans up the rest of the family, fixing their clothing. She repairs the teddy bear and makes a few quick dresses for the doll. That evening, she knits a couple shirts for the teddy bear. The boy dresses the bear and is playing with it.
Near bed time, the teddy bear and doll comes alive. The adults are shocked, but the children accept it completely. both toys hug her leg then go to the children and play. She notices that when the teddy bear gets too far, the doll stops moving. The teddy bear is the source of the magic. When the boy takes the clothes off the teddy bear, the magic stops.
She is soon making knitted clothing for all sorts of toys. The clothing focuses the child's love into the toy to make them move on their own.

As to the question of the week,

I can honestly say



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