Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Writing News!

I've been awfully lax about reporting it, but I have plenty of writing news.

First of all, about three weeks ago, I turned in my book manuscript to Pro Se Productions, the publishing company I've been writing for over a year now. I'm pleased to say it was accepted and should be out in print this summer. You can read all about it in the press announcement here: http://pulpmachine.blogspot.com/2011_04_01_archive.html I was overwhelmed to hear it would be out so soon! One of the blessings of dealing with small press. The book will be offered for sale on Amazon.com, and I will let you know when it goes up. I am already working on the sequel. 

This fantastic piece of artwork was done by a local artist in Batesville Arkansas, Dalton Carpenter. It appeared with my second story in print, Masquerra and The Storm Lord. The story was based on an idea that Roger posted some years ago. The first magazine story I had printed by Pro Se, The Song Of Heroes: Lori's Lament features artwork by the talented Peter Cooper, and you can see more of his stuff here: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryDetail.asp?GCat=32271 I look forward to working with Pete again down the road.

Secondly, I attended Pulp Ark 2011 http://pulpmachine.blogspot.com/p/pulp-ark.html in Batesville Arkansas from May 13-15, and had a fantastic time. Got to meet and hang out with all sorts of movers and shakers in the burgeoning world of pulp writing—writers, artists, publishers, vendors, and fans galore. What a treat to meet folks I had previously only known online or by reputation alone. The days were packed, and went by quickly, and yet the atmosphere was very homelike and friendly. We actually had breakfast meetings at the hotel before the doors of the convention hall opened for the day, and often went out to dinner and then met after hours at the same hotel for yak and planning sessions. I actually got to sign a few autographs! Posters of illustrations by both the artists mentioned above as well as others were available at the show, and there was an auction of some original work too. We had an awards ceremony where some very deserving individuals were honored for their work. There was a feeling throughout the convention that this was a family event, and not strictly business, and many of us brought along spouses and kids. There was plenty to do, local shops and restaurants offered discounts, the convention hosted an ongoing play, dramatic readings, panels, and all sorts of interesting events. I'm already looking forward to it next year. You can see pictures I took on my Facebook page, and while you you don't have to 'friend' me to view them, c'mon by and say hello, and see what else I am up to these days.

The rest of my life is in kind of a 'flux state' right now, as we have had our closing on the farm last Tuesday (5-17), and we now own it. Moving is a slow process, as I did a number on my back with all the charging through airports on the way home from Pulp Ark, and am just getting back on my feet. We've also had a week of off and on rain with some downpours. This coming weekend looks busy, with things being carted back and forth between houses, as well as the holiday cookouts and stuff we'd normally do. I'd like to get something in the garden over there. So far we have put up a mailbox, so not a lot has happened. That's about to change though.

So all in all, May 2011 has been quite the tumultuous month for me. Somehow or other, in the midst of all this upheaval and chaos, I still need to find time to write. All that takes is a bit of incentive, and a drive to get things done. And well, maybe just a little carrot on the end of the stick, or in my case, a bit of dark chocolate waiting in the can, along with some good music and the will to create. 

This old ammo can was a flea market find about 10 years ago, and set me back a whole quarter! Just the right size for holding 5-6 bars of the kind of incentive I need some days to get the right words to come out of that keyboard. 

Have a great day!

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