Monday, May 16, 2011

May Flowers from Florida

It is time to show what is growing here in Florida this time of year, which is our May flowers. We are nearing the end of our dry season, but have a bit longer to go. Many of Mom's plants took a hit from this year's cold winter, but others are blooming nicely. I will admit that I will hear plant names and totally forget them minutes later. Most of these plants are in pots, which Mom can move around when desired.I will post the pictures and add comments only when I know something. Hope you enjoy.


Beggar the cat - the beast of the back yard. when taking pictures, he is either too close or looking the wrong way

Scar Face or Tom, depending on our mood. He adopted mom and comes around to eat most days. He is a sweety but often gets into fights, hence his name.


A look at part of the back yard - the area i do my wood working also

I loved the contrast of the light leaflets and the dark moss.

Figs - What you get when you cross a frog and a pig....

These are out front. I have one on my porch and it tells me when to water all my other plants

desert rose flowers

Curly tail lizard - each of those squares is a foot across to show the scale of these lizards at their largest.

peace lily past its prime

these have a strange shape to them


This bud is for you.

I love the overlap of the petals

Pony tail Palm in flower

Pelican spinner - a present from the antique shop I have my woodworking in.

Another purple leaf with a view of the back yard.

One of her newest acquisition.

pretty purple shades

A shrimp plant I gave my mom for Mother's day years ago. Never blooms on Mother's day after I got it home.


Looks almost like they are wearing scale armor

These are always interesting leaves

a tree Mom got from the county. Won't grow fast while kept in a pot

Found this one accidentally

I love this mixture of tiny flowers and colorful leaves

spotted leaves

Close up of the spotted leaves.

That is it for now. Will wait for changes in the plants and flowers before I display them here agian.


Kamana Schiuma said...

Hey Roger,

I was just curious about the white flowers that you have written as found this one you know by any chance, the name of that flower. I have a similar looking flowering plant. the flowers are very fragrant during the evening and night. It would be very kind if you could let me know.
Please send an e-mail to if possible.
By the way, I'm from Maldives, Asia

Kamana Schiuma said...

I want to know the name of the flower that you found by accident. I have a similar looking flower which I cannot find after various research on the internet. hence, I would very much appreciate if you could let me know.
With many thanks

Nancy said...

I hope you don't mind if I answer this. I don't think Roger has seen it yet, and I'm more of a gardener, even though I'm from a northern and colder climate. If you are talking about the large flower in the picture below the lizard, that is generally called a Peace Lily or Spathe Flower (Spathiphyllum). I have never noticed them to be fragrant but in my part of the US, they are strictly an indoor potted plant.

If I can answer any other questions, please let me know. And thank you for reading our blog!

Kamana Schiuma said...

Hey Nancy,

Thanks for the reply.
The flower I was referring to is fourth from the has clusters of white flowers, their stems, a bit purplish..the one tagged as "Found this one accidentally"

Nancy said...

Oops! Somehow I missed that reference. I'm not positive what that is, because it appears to be a tropical shrub or vine, at least from the woody stems. I'm leaning toward some kind of jasmine though. That would explain any fragrance! I'll have to bug Roger to ask his mother, because the plant is at her house. He probably hasn't seen the comments on this blog post yet, and we're like passing ships these days so I keep forgetting to mention it.

BTW, welcome to the blog!

Roger Stegman said...

Kamana Schiuma

My mom said it might be a Clerodendrum. I went on line and found that was the kind of plant.

Clerodendrum (Clerodendron) Quadriloculare

While I did not sniff it, and did not notice any strong scents from it. Her plants are kept in pots so they don't grow tree sized like shown in the link above. I had never seen that plant in flower before and was surprised when it was in the pathway (plants on both sides closed it somewhat at that time)

The link above might help you in your identification of your plant.

Thanks for asking.


Kamana Schiuma said...

Thanks Nancy and Roger!

You guys just made my day!..hehe..
By opening so many doors for flowery knowledge.

Keep in touch!

Sunny regards from across the miles