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Week 592 Woodworking

year 11, Week 18, Day One (week 592) (January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.) 05-14-11 Saturday

90 Degrees, blue sky, though clouds appeared over the Everglades later in the day, light breeze took the heat away. This weather report is brought to you by the city of Pompano beach department of tourism, Florida’s Warm Welcome.

The doll I purchased last week on the display shelf, all protected by wizards and fairies.

We stopped at a couple yard sales today. We really weren't in the mood. At one yard sale, I hit the mother-load. I got 18 game boy games and a game boy unit for $12. There were two games I had. There are several new games I do like. There are a few that I will never play. This game unit has a poor speaker but that does not matter much.
This gives me 30 total games (2 repeats) and 4 game boy units (1 black and white). My problem is that I have not had time to play any of my games.

game boy collection I picked up at a yard sale.
this brings my collection to 30 games, only two repeats.

It felt like a lazy day. I drilled and doweled, using bamboo skewers, the cannon so it will take more than the power of the child to take it apart. I went deep where the wood was being held. I then went shallow where there was nothing to hold, for a decorative effect. I sanded the sides so the skewer ends were clean.
I then drilled larger holes for the metal shafts. One shaft as for the wheel, and one was for the cannon barrel. The cannon can shift side to side, but is on well.
I plan to give that to my grandnephew tomorrow. It looks pretty good.
When getting ready to drill for the dowels, I set up the little machine lathe to use it like a drill press. I found out that the total throw of the drill press mechanism was as thick as the wood I was working. It would not drill into the wood on the other side.

The finished cannon with dowels for strength.

I started new spin tops. I planned to hollow both of them. I made a mistake with my first one. I thinned to much to the point before I got around to hollowing. It started to wobble with even the slightest pressure. That is not good. It will break easily. The piece of wood I used had shrinkage cracks on the end. I cut it long and then was cutting it in half to do top and bottom, and realized they would be long enough for two. My first one was the inside wood and was solid.

The second one had lots of shrinkage cracks on the end and that started giving me problems. I ended up breaking a piece off the point, then breaking it in half. I have it glued right now. I will re-mount it and do a little correction and then sand it. My idea was to pierce this so it will be really decorative.

Gluing up broken spinner top. Mahogany cap set in place for the picture.

I may drill out the first one and then work from there.

Two incomplete spinner tops

I have a party tomorrow afternoon. I considered not going to mom's house to work because I won't be working for very long tomorrow. I have a turning club meeting Thursday so I want to get these spinning tops done so I can display them. I might hold off on giving my nephew the cannon until next weekend so I can display it.

I will see what I actually do tomorrow.

year 11, Week 18, Day Two (week 592) (January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.) 05-15-11 Saturday

85 degrees, started with blue except over the Everglades. A front was on the radar off the west coast, predicted to hit around ten. The sky clouded over quickly with a few broken patches, but they got those fixed quickly.
As the sky to the west started darkening, I started picking up my stuff so I would have less to deal with when I finally had to clean up. I got the worst of the stuff put away, and then got back to work. When I decided I had done enough, a few drops of liquid sunshine started coming down.
I heard on the radio that we have had a very dry winter and they are starting the water restrictions. The wet season really does not start until July or August.
This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism, Florida's Warm Welcome.

I broke the jar of my Osterizer last week. It was plastic but it was quite old. I looked at the price of a new jar. They have new machines for twice the jar's price. My machine is made of metal while the new ones are plastic. Mom had a jar for the machine, and several other jars that fit (canning jars) also. She gave them to me yesterday, but I forgot about them. I got them home now.

I have a turning club meeting this week so I needed to work today. Since I have something going on in the afternoon, I started really early in the morning for a Sunday. I ended up working from about seven till about eleven. Not too bad for a quick day.

I had two spin tops that I needed to finish. I had made mistakes on both of them. I took the one I hollowed out yesterday. Shrinkage cracks were causing it to come apart. I glued it back together yesterday. Today I sanded it on the lathe, I then parted it off. I took some Mahogany and made the top, fitting it to the hole. I would have loved to have a friction fit, but I missed that. I glued the new top on.
Later, I drew a set of double lines and pierced the spaces between the lines. The thickness I turned the inside was not even. I was a bit thick also. My piercings were not even as I was in a hurry, racing the weather. It is sloppy, but I got something done. If I sit down with some files I could clean it up nicely. I doubt that will happen.

Pierced spinner top

I took the other one I had, where I had turned too fine near the point. It was unstable. I have a turning tool made with a allen wrench. I tried to hollow beside the point. It was not working so I changed tactics. I made a top out of mahogany that fits over it, and then changed the profile of the body creating a new point that is shorter.
I drew a set of lines and ground into the spaces. I broke two small grinding bits, dental drill bits, while working. I was using them to drew the lines on the outside of the spaces.
I rough leveled the spaces. I later painted the spaces black, and then sanded the ribs so they were clean.

carved spinner top

I have a turning club meeting Thursday. I have no idea what projects I will work on next week. I have more than enough, just not sure which.

Last week's day-lighted top

All three tops

I will see what I do next weekend.

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