Monday, March 14, 2011

PULP ARK is coming!!!!

Just so you know, Lee and I are going to be there, and today we got listed amongst the "leading names in pulp today". Wow... we are celebrities! LOL Seriously though, if you love all things pulp, that action/adventure fiction with the fast pace and one-two punch, c'mon down to Batesville Arkansas in mid-May and say 'hi'. I'll be there, and so will Lee, and a whole bunch of other very talented, creative people. It will be a whole lot of fun, and I'd love to meet you all. 



Scott Appleton said...

I noticed you are a fan of Tolkien and thought I'd drop a note to say hi. I am an author and I'm looking to connect with as many readers in the fantasy genre as I can. My first novel is popular with Tolkien fans so maybe you'll want to check out my blog so we can connect!

Nancy said...

Scott, it's good to meet you, and welcome to our blog. Yes I am a big Tolkien fan and I've peeked at your blog, which looks very professional. I did join it and we can link if you like.

Congratulations on your book contract BTW, that's always good news in an economy like this one.

I am on FB as well, and you might want to consider that too, if you haven't registered already. Many writers network there, and you can set up a fan page and link your blog. I will do that with this one eventually, but want the fan page up first, and it's a time thing. I do have to write and edit now and then. LOL But do stop in here or FB and say hi whenever. Writing is a lonely business, and the more we can help each other out, the better for all of us. ;)