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02-07-11 Did You Write?

02-07-11 Did You Write?

Boo!, caught you napping. You were not expecting for the week to go by this fast? Sorry. It sneaks up on all of us sometimes.
By reporting whatever happens in your week here, every week, you end up with an incentive to report that you actually worked on some writing project. Seeing this note coming you will rush over and open some project, old or new, and get some words down, or remove some words, depending on what you are doing. Then you can report here that you actually wrote, even if you removed a word and put it back in.

As to what is writing, that is up to you. We all agree that any new writing is writing. We tend to forget that editing is also writing, even if the object is to reduce the word count. Editing someone else's work and also Critiquing someone else's work counts as writing. So is poetry, technical writing, blogging, writing assignments, newsletters, world or character creation, and even E-mails can be writing if they are very wordy and pertain to story or writing. If you have to ask, the answer is yes, it is writing.

I decided my Waxy Dragon story is done for now. I fired it off to my co-writer to see her opinion of it. She already said there is some editing points to do on it. I am mainly asking about the story and the world rules since we write in the same world.
This week I removed 512 words. The work is still too big but I do not know how to cut it down more.
I am about to start on my third story. I already have the beginning thought of and will write it like one of my story ideas to get a whole story plotted out. I will know whether it is going to be a 50,000 word story or a 10,000 word story before I get into real writing. there is stuff I want to include, but don't know if I will get it all in. I need action, not a sweet travelogue I wrote originally for this third story.
I found out that the publisher lost my first story with some computer crashes so I sent it back out today. He now has a editor specific for the publication it will be in (he was the editor at when I sent it).

On the story idea front, I have 50 story ideas in my compost stack. I have gotten just a little less ideas than days I have posted. While I am keeping up, It feels like a slow period where I am not inundated with new ideas.

I made good headway in getting ready for the art show coming next month. I have several pieces that are looking like they might be close to being finished. I assembled the carriage for the cannon I am making and assembled one of the fairy scenes, but may make some changes. I also got a key figure, a king frog, carved for another fairy scene. I will now finish the fairy and build her scene also.
I have a lot of detail stuff to do on everything, but it looks like I am on schedule. If anything is not complete for the show, well, that is all right. I have a lot more stuff available than I have table space anyway.

As to the question of the week

I can honestly say,



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