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Did You Write? 03-14-11

Did You Write? 03-14-11

Hang your head in shame, or stand up and cheer. The answer to the title of the note tells you which to do.
This note is for those who write one every couple months or those who write once or twice a month. This is a prompt to get all of us to write with more regularity. Once a week is all this note is asking, though many of us will write most days of a week.
By posting whether you wrote or not, you will have the incentive to start writing regularly, as it becomes shameful to not say you wrote. You see this note coming, and you get to work just so you can say you wrote.

I am short on time, but In previous notes, I have listed some things that count as writing. The short answer is, if you have to ask, then yes it is writing. If it pertains in any way to writing, then yes it is writing.

On the story idea front, I am down to 46 story ideas, including what I am posting tonight. Not horrible but not as much as I like. It tells you that I have dug into the top of the note list as of late. I am not yet into the notes that I looked at and rejected at least once, yet, but I am getting close.

On my last Waxy story, I decided I am done with it. My writing partner read through it, but she said it really needs some work.

The editor for the publication sent my first Waxy story to the editor, My writing partner and she is going over it now. When I get it back, nothing else matters. I must get that thing cleaned up correctly.
I started my third Waxy story and have started the writing, but dislike the later plot. Even so, it is now on Page 4 at 2513 words. I was hoping to talk to a friend of mine about some plotting but I have not had a chance to see him.

I am almost finished with two of my projects for the art show. I made a cannon that looks good. I had hoped my cannon was going to be furniture quality, but I made a few little errors in it. It is a good toy, but not furniture quality. I have gaps in joints and all sorts of little errors, along with some dings and dents on the barrel. The overall effect is good though.
I also have one of my two fairy carvings nearly done. I got a good effect on her, though I could point out things I am not happy with. She is no worse than any other fairy carving I have ever done. I am not going to complain.
I have a vase with three faces I am carving into it to finish and a second fairy to finish carving, and that will be all the major projects needed for the art show. After they are done, I can then do fun work, with no pressure as they won't have a deadline. Of course, if either of these projects are not ready for the art show, it won't be horrible as I have more than the table can hold anyway. Just my turnings and just my carvings can fill the table, and I will be displaying both.
The worst part, is that while I more than the table can hold, I don't have enough to really do some big time sales where volume is needed.
The renaissance festival was on down here this past month and I was unable to go. Partly for money and partly for getting stuff done for the art show. If I got into the festival, I would likely run out of stock in one day. That is how little production I have. I looked into being a vendor several years ago and my reality check bounced.

Using the above as a starting point,
Interstellar travel was perfected accidentally. a mistake in the drive system made going to the stars possible, and it also opened up a new communication band which turned out to be well used by aliens. Tracking down the sources, they figured out where a nearby market space station was located. Some investors took a chance and loaded a fleet of ships with what amounted to a month's production of goods and went to the space station. A little bit of negotiation gave them a nice site to display their wares. They assumed that they would take a while to sell what they had since it was a month's production. They got a space for quite a time. they put high prices on their goods with raw materials and alien items as payment.
they opened their doors and the merchants walked through. Each merchant purchased just a few of anything, but by the end of the day, the shelves were empty. Their ships were full of their payment and they owed for another nine months for the space.
They sent their ships back and the planet was scoured for even slightly used things, anything they could get into the ships. Factories suddenly go to full power. Every ship that could be fitted with an interstellar drive arrived with a full load. two days after they re-opened their doors, the shelves were empty again.
There was no way the home planet could produce enough to keep the store open. They were stuck with a long commitment and was not sure they could even get out of it.

As to the question of the week,

I can honestly say



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