Sunday, July 21, 2013

Writing News!

Just wanted to let you all know I am alive and well. I've had a couple of scary but not-so serious illnesses that kept me offline more than I usually am. I am playing catch up with many things right now, and blogging is one of them. 

But we have news about writing! Blog correspondent and all around good guy Lee Houston Jr. had a brand new book out! Hugh Monn Private Detective: Catch A Rising Star is a full length novel adventure featuring the far-flung future's favorite investigator. This one comes out of the starting gate with yet another fantastic piece of cover art by the uber-talented Mr. David Russell but what's inside the cover is just as much of a treat. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this!

Of course Lee's first Hugh Monn book, with the collection of short stories, is also still available in just about all the same outlets, if you have some catching up to do. And then, if you're of a mind to hear the stories actually narrated to you in the most dramatic fashion, there is now an audiobook collection of the first Hugh Monn book, well over 7 hours of listening fun. Like the book, it sports another cover by David Russell, this one was a Pulp Ark award winner. 

So you can't go wrong here folks! If you want to hear our Lee chatting about his latest creations, there's a free podcast you can listen to right here:

So you see, while I've been somewhat sidelined, my blogmates here haven't been idle at all. And not to worry, I'm still writing, still gardening, still busy with all sorts of great things, especially now that I'm feeling better. And how could I not be, with a brand new grandson due in about a month? Plus I should have a book or two of my own out sometime before the end of the year, as well as some short stories in various places. 

2013 sure is flying by with all that is going on!

Be well,

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