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Year 13, Week 27, Day 0ne (week 673)

Year 13, Week 27, Day 0ne (week 673)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
07-27-13 Saturday
    90 degrees, dropping quickly to 86 degrees in the late morning. The sky was blue with high feathers and pebbles. Pregnant puffs rushed in from the south around noon and gave birth. The day was cloudy with high humidity after that. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach department of Tourism.
    We hit quite a few yard sales. The first couple were right after breakfast.

I found a meat/vegetable grinding attachment for my SUNBEAM brand stand mixer. I had some slight doubt I had the right brand, but at another yard sale, they had a stand mixer on sale and it was the same one I have. I later plugged it into the machine and the grinder works perfectly. I have reason to doubt that it was ever used.

vegetable and meat grinder -- unassembled along side my Sunbeam stand mixer

my meat grinder on the sunbeam mixer.

Another yard sale had a flour sifter. Mom was getting something so we got both items for the price they were asking for the sifter. I really did not need it but the price was good. 

flour sifter

One yard sale had cast iron pans, one large and one medium. I don't need any more cast iron pans. I was lucky that he wanted too much for his pans and I did not have to buy them.
Later in the day, we were going to a store and drove through Light House Point, which is a wealthier area. We stopped at half a dozen yard sales. They each had something interesting, but I either already had it, or knew I would never use it. I hate that.

I went into Jo-Ann's Cloth world. They cheated! they had yarn on every row. As I walked the store, I would be tempted on each row and my resistance was reduced. I somehow squeezed through their main yarn isle without grabbing anything though I did examine some cotton a few times.
As I was leaving, they had a bin of big balls of yarn at half price. My mom says that she suggested that I make use of the price.
My story is that three balls of yarn leaped on my back, pinned me down and threatened me with "You will never see your crochet hooks again if you don't get us out of this store."
Which story sounds more plausible to you?
Liquid sunshine started falling and that made sure nothing would be done outside.

police line up  of suspected criminals

We got back and I napped for over two hours. I was recovering from the previous night where I got a call just as I was dozing off and was wide awake after that.
When I woke up, it was time to go feed and pet the kitties.

I had about an hour before I had to go to a meeting, so I went "shopping." I first went to THE CRACKER BARREL RESTAURANT AND STORE. They have cast iron for sale. I picked up a couple three inch pans. These are good for single eggs. The eggs are burger bun sized. I had thought about it all week and just had to get them. I looked at a few other items but they were out of my price range.

single egg cast iron pans. three inches across.

I went to Sears. I had three gift cards. One had four bucks on it, the others had more money. I searched the toy, I mean tool section carefully. I got a burr set for cutting metal. I will use them on my lathe when I am machining. That was the big money item. I also got a chuck for my dremmel and a small flash light that fits in a pocket on the side of my cell phone case. I lost the one that came with the cell phone. This flash light is slightly bigger and won't fall out as easily.

cutting bits and chuck for Dremmel. Not shown is the flashlight.

I gave one of my medium cast iron pans to someone at the meeting. She loved it. I have two large cast iron pans, three medium, three tiny pans, and two skillets like what Denny’s uses for their skillet dinners. I also have a cast iron pot. I guess I have more than I need....

Tomorrow, I hope to work on the projects I did not have time to work on today.

I will see what I actually do tomorrow.

Year 13, Week 27, Day Two (week 673)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
07-28-13 Sunday

88 degrees, pregnant clouds passing nearby, giving birth all over the place. A light breeze with good gusts, high humidity (a haze over the area early morning). No weather after I got set up to work. You know you are in South Florida when the sun is shining and it is raining on you at the same time... This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.

I played around with my purchases from yesterday. The meat grinder does not look like it has ever been used. It fits nicely and works right. The instruction pamphlet is simple and easy to follow.
on the little pans, I depended on the seasoning they had and that did not work well. eggs stuck. I will season them properly later.
I drove through some weather really near Mom's house. It was just a bit heavier than drippy when I got to Mom's house. Mom likes rain so she does not have to water her garden. She did not get it. The storm I drove through passed west of her and we got mostly the shadow.
I set up the folding table to work from and had to move it farther under the cover because of splatter and wind blown. It stopped right after that.

I decided to replace one of the hooks I made earlier that was too short. I took a rod and machined it close to size. I as after an E-sized rod and when I got it just under a G size, I used sandpaper and emery boards to sand it down to size. when it passed through the gauge all the way through, I cut in the hook to make it a crochet hook. I went a bit too deep the first time and worked the other end. Unlike the hook I was replacing, I got this second end right.

My next project was to glue the rods into the handles. I used a side cutting bit, like a ROTOZIP BIT, and enlarged several of the holes for the rods. I found that several of the holes were not straight in. A couple hooks went into the hole but stuck so I could not rotate them to where I wanted them. Oh well.
I now have all the hooks glued into their handles. I have to do some fine sanding and then give them a good finish. 

crochet hooks in their handles. Now I have to sand, modify and add finish to them.

I saw a holder I could make for these hooks. It will roll them up into a small package. I will start crocheting that fairly soon. I need to take measurements for how big it will have to be for this ten hook set. I should felt it and that will take even more adjustments on the size of the fabric I make.

I packed up everything and called it a day.

I have loads of projects to do but some depends on the weather some depends on my leg and some depends on my mood.

I will see what I actually do next week.

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