Friday, January 4, 2013

Lee Houston Jr's PROJECT: ALPHA book gets some love!

You have no idea how happy this makes me for one of our own here at In My Spare Time...

Lee's book PROJECT: ALPHA, the seminal tale of a superhero-in-the-making, got some well deserved love from none other than the celebrated new pulp author of The Rook and Lazarus Gray, Mr. Barry Reese. On his website today, Barry picked his favorite new pulp books of 2012, and PROJECT: ALPHA was one of seven. That says an awful lot about the quality of this novel, because it was in there with some hard-hitting company. Way to go Lee!

PROJECT: ALPHA by Lee Houston Jr., published by Pro Se Press, is available on, Barnes & Noble online as both paperback and Kindle/Nook offerings, and on Smashwords in just about any E-format you can imagine. Check it out folks, this book is a real winner! 


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