Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Knitting needles I got at yard sale

Following are views of dish cloths I made over the months before Christmas

 this dish cloth was re-done later

 this dish cloth was re-done later
 the wave stitch with two kinds of yarn
 "odd ball" dish cloth using bits and pieces of yarn.
 the wave


how the dish cloths were given, Poem says
thank god for dirty dishes for they have a story to tell
while others may go hungry, we are eating well
with health home and happiness we shall never fuss
by this stack of evidence, god's been good to us.

first batch of Christmas Cards

Second batch of Christmas Cards

added to my cotton yarn stash, only to find I had twice this much in the wrong bag.

Mom got me to start doing scarves. A friend got the top one, Mom ended up with the middle two and the bottom one is my latest finished piece.

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