Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Things I Should Have Posted...

I just found these pictures in my files and they are too good to let them go to waste. These are from various thrifting trips last spring.

Lee and I have been looking for a classic Battleship game in all the stores. Finally found a good one, but we have been so busy writing we haven't had much time to play it! He has played with my grandson though, and it is complete. 

This lovely plate just stole my heart. I don't buy them because they're collectible, I buy them because of the picture. My yard is full of blue jays. They are the clowns of the bird world.

What got me wondering what I did with this batch of pictures was a recent project where I was digging into this bag of crochet thread. Someone lovingly rolled all those balls. That kind of thing gets to me, you know it was someone's beloved hobby. Quite a color selection, as useful for beading as it is crochet.

What a cute little tin, and full of embroidery floss too! My kinda 'shabby chic' look.  

Books like the one at the right are often contain ideas that become stories that I write. I never pass on something that might spike a new short story or book idea. I didn't think of the candleholder as a Star of David when I bought it, just liked the design and the brass and enamel look. I still do. 

Unfortunately only this picture of the earrings and pin came out well. Gave these to my mother as cheap bling.

Had to go back to a thrift store and get this one because it haunted me. Surprised it was still there because it was on display in the window at the time. A very pretty relish dish. 

Over the years I have bought a lot of Rodale gardening books, both new and used. Never found one I didn't enjoy and learn something from. Was glad to add this one to my gardening and nature bookshelf. 

Don't know when I'll get to try the punch needle, but couldn't resist picking it up. I love old crafting gadgets. ——>

I can always use another staple gun. This one was only a couple of dollars.

And there you have it, another batch of thrifting finds. I suppose there are better things to spend time and money on, but there are also much worse things too. I get some entertainment and exercise and the fun of a treasure hunt too. I save all my $1 bills after I go shopping and put them in an envelope for these outings. If I need to pay for something out of pocket, at least I have some 'mad money' on hand. Win-win, no matter how you look at it. How many other hobbies can you come home at the end of the day all tuckered out with a tote bag or two full of goodies and your wallet still intact?

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