Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February Flowers.

It is February here. There is snow up North, but here in South Florida, we are in our growing season. It is also our dry season, but watering will help any plant.
Here are a few plants I photographed this month from my mom's yard. All plants are in pots so she can move them around easily. She will bring them out when they are flowering, and set them back when they are done, to bring out others.

Her garden is not a show garden, but instead has samples of many plants. She starts many plants from cuttings while others she purchased or was given.

I don't know my flowers. Many flower type names enter one ear and fall out the other without so much as stopping. Some plants are not named here and I may have gotten a few other flowers wrong.




pretty purple flower

Tababula (Golden shower tree)

desert rose

Cock's comb

Grows from a bulb

Red Flowers

Mixture of flowers

More flowers

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Nancy said...

The one that grows from a bulb is an Amaryllis. The pots of red in the next to last pic are kalanchoes and red impatiens. The last picture is also impatiens. Not sure about the red or the purple flowers.